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There Are 4 Types Of Toxic Gamers. Here’s How To Counter Them.

Now, let’s see some types of toxic gamers and means of defending against them. And if you haven’t already, be sure to read our analysis on the behavior of toxic players from a psychological perspective.

Spoiled Brats

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We all encountered at least one member of this group: high-pitched voices, a ton of cursing, screaming when you frag them, non-stop blabbing, generally loudmouths still in elementary school. They can be very annoying, but it’s good to know that they mostly are very vulnerable (and because of that vulnerability they want to look tough and hard online, a form of displacement where they are feeling inadequate about their own social status and because they can’t change that, “spoiled brats” focus on a much easier goals, like looking cool online, usually by insulting other people), and you should use their vulnerability when trying to shut them down.

The best defense tactic is just muting them, fastest, least harmful (to them). You can also let them know what you think about their age and vocabulary, make fun of them, tell them to go back to school, or just tell them that kiddies shouldn’t be allowed to play games for grown-ups. This way you’ll make them disappear in a second.

Angry Pros


This group is interesting because many of us were a part of it at one moment. You know, you’re playing your favorite game that you’re good at and then some newbie comes and starts making chaos (like missing from impossible situations and conceding dumb goals in Rocket League). The reaction – angry rants, directed towards one person or towards the whole team. This form of toxic behavior is usually harmless and will stop after the “Pro” lets off some steam, or leaves the game (this happens fairly regularly).

Countering Pro rants can be achieved with a simple confession about your lack of experience, if that don’t work, just don’t bother. They’ll turn off after a while, and if you continue to suck, they’ll usually leave.


gamer troll

They are crazy, batshit crazy. Starting illogical arguments, trying to offend everyone, looking for ways to ruin the game for every player, sometimes even going against their teammates. They can be crazy, but if encounter them try to be even crazier.

If they start an argument, start an argument making even less sense than the one they started. If they start offending everyone, vote-kick him out of the game, most people will vote “yes.” Another efficient way of dealing with them is to simply ignore them. The problem is that not everyone will ignore trolls, so in most cases, they’ll start an argument and most people will hook up to it, ruining the game for everyone else.

Teammates From Hell

When you lose a match due to teammates from hell.

Killing teammates, ruining your team’s bases, stealing frags, going against the general strategy of advancement when playing Domination in Battlefield, and other behaviors not fit for team-based games are the general traits of anti-teammates.

They want to watch the world burn, masochists wanting to lose every damn time, or just bored individuals loving to see other people trying to clean the mess they’ve made. These people can be infuriatingly annoying. To counter them, just try vote-kicking them; if that doesn’t work, just leave the game. Believe us, it’s better than watching those masochists ruining every good thing you managed to achieve, just for the fun of it.

Ok, that was all for today. You read something about the theory behind flaming and cyberbullying, saw some types of toxic gamers, and found out how to defend against them.

If you have a new type of toxic gamer, share it with us; also, share with us your theories about toxic gaming behavior, we would love to hear some more about possible reasons for people behaving like that. Share everything you have with us in the comment section below.

Until next time!

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Written by Goran Damnjanovic

A gamer and freelance writer, follow him on Twitter!

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  • zootgamer

    If you have a new type of toxic gamers, share it with us; also, share with us your theories about toxic gaming behavior, we would love to hear some more about possible reasons for people behaving like that. Share everything you have with us in the comment section.

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