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Zootgamer of the Week : Trick2G

trick2g swag feature

Gates, canes, and extremely obvious weed references are what the Zootgamer of the week, Time “Trick2G” Foley is known for. Trick2G is an educational League of Legends (Mostly) streamer, who, on his best days, spends hours smoking and streaming, while explaining what misplays his fans (and teammates) are all making. Still one can never forget his “subtle” references to enjoying smoking marijuana, even his donation music having been “Smoke weed Err’day!” by Snoop Dogg. Trick2G is known for coining the term “Gates” as it’s understood in the League of Legends community, as well as the term “Godyr” referring to his signature champion Udyr, when he’s playing at somewhere close to peak performance and, ideally, annoying the enemy team to the point of devastating tilt. Trick2G brings his own brand of comedy typically in the form realistic reaction to the frustrating events of his teammates. This is funnier by magnitudes to people who have played (And sought to be good at) the game, as they understand how he feels, and why exactly he’s reacting the way that he is.

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trick2g profile logo featureTrick is also a businessman, creating his own brand named Team2G, where he’s recruited several other streamers and entertainers to help expand his brand and thus his influence and money making capabilities, as well as giving him multiple avenues to continue to expand when time permits, and even more impressive, making his brand cross-game, instead of being stuck to League of Legends or any other particular game.

Trick2G also expands his brand by showing up at fan events such as Vidcon and Twitchcon, both of which he attends annually, and fans of his (Including yours truly) were excited to see him, thanks to word he’d done in the community.

Trick pulls in massive amounts of viewers on both Twitch and youtube, his lastest video pulled in just over 60,000 viewers, which is a lot, considering it was just an average game with his partner in crime Chris “Sirchez” Enteria, and his latest vlog pulled just under 150,000 views, even more impressive given that it involved no gameplay and was just an update about his situation.

In the end though, a lot of what makes Trick2G as popular as he is, is his gameplay. His main game is the E-Sports powerhouse, League of Legends, and when he plays you know that he’ll have an impact. He plays a high pressure game, splitpushing and assassinating carries when playing as his main champion Udyr, enabling him to force the enemy team to deal with him and freeing his team up to make moves elsewhere on the map to get ahead. He also plays a smart early game, revolving around getting himself ahead, and creating pressure even in the beginning stages of the game, oftentimes powerfarming to get himself ahead in levels of the enemy jungler, and ganking when least expected with a go hard or don’t go at all style behind every gank. With this sort of mentality, it’s no surprise that he’s in the top 2% of people who play the game, and even less of a surprise that he’s our first Zootgamer of the week.

Here’s to you Trick.

Written by Tiras Carr

An E-Sports enthusiast and veteran of many scenes, being an analyst of League of Legends, DoTA 2, Overwatch and a High Ranking player of Hearthstone. He’s been involved in E-Sports since the tournament days of Street Fighter: 3rd Strike and has been enthralled ever since going on to do amateur analysis for games like Guilty Gear, Halo’s 1-5 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.


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