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Is Rainbow Six Siege The Next Big Game In Esports?

RAinbow Six Siege 1Rainbow Six Siege started slow but gradually became one of the top multiplayer experiences, thanks to its huge selection of maps, an interesting game mechanic where every operator has a different special ability and a unique combination of primary and secondary weapons and gadgets. Developers tried hard to make the game better, bringing numerous patches which squashed every bug, brought important gameplay tweaks, and pushed every operator out from OP lane. In addition, the game received new free maps, and six operators (in three DLC packs) that can be unlocked by collecting enough renown points.

The Esports potential found inside Rainbow Six Siege is huge.

Firstly, the game play is hardcore, unforgiving and made for serious gamers. A couple of shots to the flesh and you’re out, with most weapons able to kill with just one well-placed shot to the head.

Further, the maps are varied, with lots of elements; most of them are very complex with danger lurking from every corner. To be any good at the game, you have to learn all of the maps, since there are thousands of routes for the attack. While defending, knowing a map is handy for realizing from which side the attack will be executed, and for covering soft spots around the objective.

The attacking team, with a bit of cooperation and a dose of creativity, can wreak havoc on defenders. Mind games are numerous; you can make smart ruses, attack from different sides, cooperating when clearing rooms, the potential is huge.
Esports titles are highly competitive, and Rainbow Six Siege is no different. The player base is expanding (it’s even larger than it was shortly after the release), with more and more new players coming every day. Teams can cooperate on so many levels, and smart way of playing gets rewarded in most cases. The excitement of just one match is incredible. Comebacks are a regular thing, as well as sweeping wins.

If a team cooperates, nothing is impossible, another feat of Esports titles. Simply, the game is made for a tactical approach, with lots of planning, quick reflexes, and superb spotting abilities. Also, for mastering the game you’ll have to spend numerous hours receiving headshots before you become able to give them at a regular rate.

Esports titles are exciting to watch, and just by looking at other teammates playing after you get killed (similar to Counter Strike) the hairs on the back of your neck will tingle most of the time. Simply, the game is exciting to watch, with lots of cool kills, smart breaching tactics, plenty of tension, and a plethora of simply cool moves. You can even watch live broadcasts of ranked matches, so check them out and see how much Esports potential Rainbow Six Siege possess.

Large player base, intense gameplay, exciting matches and a hardcore approach to gunplay are reasons enough for Rainbow Sis Siege to become the next big thing in Esports world.

We can’t wait for the first tournaments to start.

Written by Goran Damnjanovic

A gamer and freelance writer, follow him on Twitter!