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Do Esports Competitions Drug Test? (What’s Banned And Why)

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Just like your friend who has already seen the movie, but came with you just to watch it again only to talk the entire way through; one man decided to brag about using Adderall to help him during a competition. Because of this, ESL has started to work with the World Anti-doping league to regulate Performance-enhancing drugs. The List includes many different drugs that enhance your abilities.

Now this may seem like a joke to some of us. How can a drug make you better at video games? Well, let me tell you. Adderall, for example, helps you focus as do many other drugs that are on the list cocaine and methamphetamine are examples. With the extra focus, you could find you have better aim in FPS games or notice that brief movement of another player running through the jungle in League of Legends.


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“What? big muscles help you play games?” My friend, I believe you are only thinking of one of the benefits of steroids, they can also boost your reactions, speed, and reflexes in general. Now I shouldn’t have to tell you what a boon this is to all games, imagine if you could get that shot off just a second faster, or dodge out of the way just a little better. The benefits are endless.

There are so many drugs on this list it’s ridiculous. I can understand though. Now don’t get me wrong, I play buzzed all the time, but not everyone has access to pharmaceuticals. Not really fair. I know you have played Call of Duty or Halo and you knew you made that shot. You should have won that duel! It could have been lag or it could have been something else. Who knows. In a real competition though you can’t have that doubt. You need to be sure, so I agree with the drug testing personally.

So how are they drug testing? Surely they don’t have everyone line up, drop trou, and piss in the cup on stage. It wouldn’t really be efficient after all. Instead, ESL will be using skin tests. Now, a skin test is a bit different. It will test your sweat; it looks for many different chemicals that whatever drug you’re using puts into your skin. What happens is, eventually what you’re using will leave traces in your glands, and those traces get picked up by the patch. It isn’t a perfect science, but it gets the job done.

All in all, drug testing could be good for E-sports. It makes it more legit. We can’t have a sport without someone trying to enhance themselves with something so it seems. Personally though, I feel that the drugs should be mandatory…

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I want to watch everyone at the peak of their game. These are competitors fighting for my favor just like Gladiators of old. I want to see matches of ridiculous awesomeness, where everyone is going above and beyond what a normal person could do… but that’s just this man’s opinion.


Written by Chris McDaniel

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    What do you zootgamers think about drug testing in esports competitions? Is a little adderall a good thing in a skilled competitors hands?

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    Can you tell me gaming pro competitions they ban marijuana?