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Competition and Cannabis (Is Weed The Drug Of Champions?)

Smoking Weed gamer girl

We all know of that lazy gamer, couch planted, stoner stereotype, and while a lot of us see it as an injustice to be seen that way, perhaps aren’t offended for the right reason. The negative effects of marijuana have been…Exaggerated, to say the least (We know how the media loves to do that) and those exaggerations are neither fair to users, gamers, or science. In truth, cannabis can be a strong training tool for competitive gaming, and competitive gamers are perhaps some of the most driven and motivated people in today’s society, their work, more often than not, is not worth the pay they receive when hours are compared to pay, and having to remain at, or near, the top of their profession, to stay relevant adds to that pressure. There’s no room for slouching or slacking, just because you’ve been at it for awhile, there’s no tenure or safety net associated with the job, so when you think of people who smoke, think of one of those people, as opposed to an unmotivated husk.

Onto the cool stuff, why is it that weed is a good training drug? Well, for one, it almost invariably positively effects the mood of those who use it. Tilting while high is almost impossible, and blasting teammates for mistakes or misplays doesn’t immediately come to mind on every mistake. Aside from that, it’s relaxing. Why’s that good? Because of the decision making aspect of gaming. I know, you might think:

“Wouldn’t relaxation be bad? Wouldn’t you always want to be on your toes in case of snap decision scenarios?”

Well, there’s a fallacy, isn’t there? One can be both relaxed and a fast decision maker, and more often than not, the situations that call for snap decision making come from poor long term decision making in the first place. Aside from that, the relief that cannabis provides from the eventual pain of training, the relaxing properties of marijuana can do a lot to relieve the wrist pain that competitive gamers can experience as well as still being a powerful tool for unwinding after a rough day of practice and play. It’s easier for friendships and teams to survive if everyone is relaxed after a day of losing every scrimmage they play (and it happens to all of us at some point, trust me).
The most important point, is probably the fact that weed can prevent burn out. Burn out being the feeling of being tired of whatever the game you’re playing is. It’s hard to get bored or sick of a game when you feel good playing it. Burn out typically occurs when enough time passes and enough mixed feelings are associated with a game, usually one feels like the bad feelings outweigh the good, and the game is no longer worth playing. With weed, the good feelings tend to outweigh the bad, and the competitive life of a gamer can be extended as a result. Most importantly, all of the effects of weed don’t disappear when you’re not using it, you still have memory of your training, your enhanced decision making and the relaxation, so you can make use of everything you learned and all the benefits you reaped while not smoking, for example, while in competitive LAN setting.

What do you think about using weed for training? Let me know! And thanks for reading!
Written by Tiras Carr

An E-Sports enthusiast and veteran of many scenes, being an analyst of League of Legends, DoTA 2, Overwatch and a High Ranking player of Hearthstone. He’s been involved in E-Sports since the tournament days of Street Fighter: 3rd Strike and has been enthralled ever since going on to do amateur analysis for games like Guilty Gear, Halo’s 1-5 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

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