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RLCS Finalists, The Road To Hollywood – Part Two

Rocket League Championship Series

Yesterday, we covered four finalists of this year’s RLCS, and today you’ll get a short display showing how four other teams got their tickets for Hollywood. Remember, the grand finals start in less than a week, so don’t forget to watch history in the making, to find out which team will end up as the first champions ever of RLCS. Let us begin.


Genesis showed a fair amount of skill, but at the end they played more on tactics, earning just enough points for a ticket to grand finals. During the first group stage, Genesis performed better than average, winning when they should, and losing against objectively better teams, finishing in third place. Semifinals saw Genesis in a tough match against Kings of Urban, which they lost. Third place was too far for Genesis, who ended losing to Exodus, finishing the first qualifications in fourth place.

Second qualification round was pretty much the same. After finishing in third place in the group, Genesis clashed against Exodus, and they lost. Ending up again competing for the third place didn’t do much for their ambitions since Genesis lost again, this time, the winning team was Lucky Bounce.

The Flying Dutchmen

The Flying Dutchmen had luck in tons since they ended above Supersonic Avengers by just a couple of points. They didn’t make into eliminations during two group stages, ending up in fifth place both times. But, at least they haven’t experienced huge ups and downs, and two fifth place finishes were enough to land them in grand finals.

Mock-it eSports EU

Mock-It EU wasn’t seen as big favorites, they were overshadowed by Northern Gaming and FlipSid3 Tactics. And that cloud placed over them influenced the team during the first group stage. Finishing on third place meant they would face FlipSid3 Tactics; no miracle there, Mock-It lost, but at the end finished on the third place with a win against KA-POW, earning a nice bag of points.

Before second qualification round started, Mock-It EU made some roster changes, in an effort to make their game better. The move didn’t bring any major changes for the better, since they finished in third place in the group stage, again. Semifinals saw them clashing with We Dem Girlz (Northern Gaming), losing 4-1. Since FlipSid3 Tactics had roster issues, Mock-IT EU landed on the third place, again.

Northern Gaming

Northern Gaming started qualifications under a different moniker. Under the name We Dem Girlz, the team entered qualification stage as one of the biggest favorites. They justified their favorite label and went through the group stage like a summer storm. Ending in the first place in their group, beating each and every competitor, Northern Gaming entered elimination stage without the slightest problem. Victory streak continued with a win against KA-POW; they swept them 4-0, booking their place in finals. There, something strange happened, resulting in a 4-2 loss against FlipSid3 Tactics.

During the second qualifications, the team almost got the first place, but one loss against their old adversary FlipSid3 Tactics land them the second place in their group. From then on, Northern gaming showed grit, beating Mock-it EU in semifinals. Finals faced them against Supersonic Avengers, who saw Northern Gaming in their true light; and with a win in the second finals, Northern Gaming ended the qualification stages as the number one seed from Europe.

After seeing all eight finalists, all you have to do now is to wait a couple of days for RLCS grand finals and discover which team will take the crown, for the first time in history.

Written by Goran Damnjanovic