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RLCS Finalists, The Road To Hollywood – Part One

rocket league championship fire

Rocket League Championship Series grand finals are just around the corner; in just a couple of weeks, eight best teams from Europe and North America will clash each other in a relentless fight for the throne. But, Hollywood finals is just the last step of an incredible journey during which many teams showed skill, teamwork, and incredible moves, but just eight survived all trials. Let’s take a quick look at each team’s road to grand finals.

In the first part of our coverage, you’ll see how Exodus, FlipSid3 Tactics, Genesis and iBUYPOWER Cosmic fight their way to grand finals. Stay tuned for the second part in which we’ll show you how other four teams managed to reach stars and a trip to Hollywood.


One of the dark horses of RLCS, Exodus managed to finish ahead of iBP Cosmic super team, which trailed more than 200 points. Finishing on the fourth place in the first group stage, losing from iBP Cosmic in the semifinal, and in the end finishing third was an incredible result. But, that was just the beginning.

Exodus showed class during the second group stage during which they first took the second place in their group, only to be bested by Lucky Bounce. When eliminations started, they climbed a step higher, reaching the grand finals. In semifinal round Exodus bested Genesis, almost sweeping them with 4-1, but winning in the final slipped them by just one win. Kings of Urban had stars on their side, winning 4-3; but, Exodus fulfilled their goal, they won the finals ticket, as well as $1500.

FlipSid3 Tactics

FlipSid3 Tactics started furiously, winning the second place in the group during the first qualifier round. They were bested only by We Dem Girlz (now Northern Gaming), and Mock-it eSports EU, but that didn’t stop them. They managed to come out victorious from their second clash against Mock-it, earning them a place in the finals. As the saying goes, revenge is a meal best served cold, and FlipSid3 did just that; they conquered We Dem Girlz with 4-2 (sweep would be just too brootal) and won the first qualifying round.

During the second qualifier, FlipSid3 Tactics were serious as ever, finishing at the first place in the group, not giving up, just wrecking all opponents. They haven’t lost once, having a perfect score at the end of the group round. But, it seems they didn’t time their form perfectly, losing from Supersonic Avengers, and abandoning the fight for third place. Nevertheless, they earned enough points to receive one place among eight chosen ones.


iBUYPOWER Cosmic entered the first qualification round as one of the favorites, and they sure delivered. During the group stage, they jumped over almost all opponents, winning with ease and ardor. Few teams could match them, they ended on the first place in the group with a crazy record of 29 wins and just six defeats, a record worthy of respect. When elimination round came, iBUYPOWER Cosmic again proved how a big team they are, just destroying VexX in semifinals. Final series saw them competing against King of Urban, in which they again showed unmatched class beating their opponents 4-2 and earning $3500.

The second qualifying round was completely different story. It’s like the team underrated their opponents; combine that with roster problems and you have a perfect recipe for failure. Struggling during the group stage, iBUYPOWER Cosmic ended up one the fifth place, never reaching the elimination stage. But, since they had heaps of points, they managed to reach Hollywood.

Kings of Urban

Kings of Urban, alongside their biggest opponents iBUYPOWER Cosmic, were one of the two biggest favorites at the start of the first qualification stage. Having a solid group record, they managed to lock themselves in the second place. In semifinals, they managed to defeat VexX and reserve a spot in the finals. There they were greeted by iBUYPOWER Cosmic, ending up defeated but unbowed, earning the second place in the end.

The second qualifying round saw Kings of Urban with a different roster, which greatly impacted their performance. A solid record of 19 wins and 16 defeats managed to earn them the fourth place in the group. The new roster clicked just on time, as Kings of Urban defeated Lucky Bounce in the semifinal round with 4-1. Second final, a second chance for the title, and the exciting 4-3 win over Exodus was a perfect prequel for their trip to Hollywood and grand finals.

Now that you’ve seen the first four teams, whose your fave? Stay with us, tomorrow we’ll cover other four finalists and their road to Hollywood!

Until then, Rocket Leaguers!

Written by Goran Damnjanovic, you can find him on Facebook.