mercy healer meta overwatch
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Overwatch Basic Meta Starter Guide (Support)

mercy healer meta overwatch

Overwatch’s roster currently consists of five support class heroes, namely Symmetra, Ana, Mercy, Zenyatta and Lucio. Like with other support heroes from other games, these five rarely get any recognition. At least, not in the form of kill streak highlight reels that’s plastered all over YouTube these days. Despite that, however, these healers remain an irreplaceable part of any team, whether it is a competitive match, or just your average disorganized pick-up game.

Editor’s Note : If playing support is not your style, you’re selfish. Work on that. Then see our Overwatch meta for all other hero roles.


Symmetra is fairly effective and very annoying to deal with in pub games. Newbies and beginners, in particular, have a hard time dealing with well-placed turrets. Not to mention, her Photon Project goes through shields as well. She’s also an effective counter against Torbjorn and Bastion, both of which are popular heroes among beginners and in pub games.

Competitively, her role is reduced to someone who builds a teleporter to help the team move around quickly. That’s not to say she’s useless, though. But, given her squishiness and lack of firepower, she’s not exactly all that useful once she’s done laying out all her gadgets around the map. This makes her less valuable compared to other support heroes.

She’s still a game-changer, though, but only in the hands of the right player and given the right situation.


Ana was just released a month or so ago, so she hasn’t really had a chance to shine in competitive matches yet. But, already, we’ve already seen coordinated teams utilize Ana’s ability to do long-range damage and long-range healing to significant effect. Her Bionic Grenade, in particular, can act as a form of crowd control, preventing enemy healers from support their time for a limited time. Her Sleep Dart too can be just as disruptive, albeit only against individual enemy heroes.

Ana’s not exactly a top-tier pick yet, as teams have yet to know exactly what to with her. However, Ana has the potential to be a strong addition to any team, both in competitive play and in random queue.


Mercy is your stereotypical healer, which means she’s almost always going to get picked as the main or secondary support. There are only quite a few situations where Mercy isn’t as useful, such as in all-in pushes where teams go full-offense. Also, teams are almost always going to choose Lucio over Mercy in certain King of the Hill scenarios where they need only one healer.

Regardless, Mercy’s a straightforward support character, one that has a near 100-percent usage rate in competitive matches. Players who excel in using her are exceptionally skilled. After all, it takes excellent situational and positional awareness to stay alive, all the while preventing teammates from dying.


Zenyatta is an offense/defense support that’s been in-and-out of competitive play and pubs in recent weeks. This is most likely because of the numerous rebalancing and nerfs he has continuously received. However, in recent weeks, players and teams have found Zenyatta’s buffing and debuffing abilities quite useful. His ultimate’s ability, in particular has prevented many teams from getting wiped and at the same, helped them maintain the pace of the game.


Where Mercy excels in competitive and organized, Lucio does in utter chaos. This makes him extremely useful in King of the Hill Matches. In such chaotic scenarios, he’s able to defend himself well enough from flankers, and he also has Soundwaves for crowd control. True, he doesn’t have the burst-heal that Mercy Has. But, he’s got enough abilities to keep most, if not all, of his teammates alive and well in any firefight.

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Written by Ray Ian Ampoloquio

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