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Overwatch Basic Meta Starter Guide (Offense)

offense overwatch meta

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There are 6 offense heroes in-game, namely Genji, McCree, Pharah, Reaper, Soldier: 76 and Tracer.

These six are the most agile heroes in Overwatch, with Tracer arguably being the fastest of them all. As their name suggests, their specialty lies in dealing lots of damage to opposing heroes as they move around the map.


Tracer is arguably the fastest character in the game and can get in and out of trouble quickly, thanks to her special abilities “Blink” and “Recall”. Put simply, she’s your classic harasser.

Although she excels particularly well on king of the hill maps, given her ability to easily get behind enemy lines, Tracer doesn’t really see much competitive play. Choke points, in particular, are her main weakness. In such cases, her ridiculous mobility is rendered ineffective and her lack of survivability is exposed, making her of little use to the team.

Still, Tracer’s skill set allows her to tear both turrets and tanks apart with ease, making her extremely valuable in many situations. The problem, though, is finding someone who has the wits and reflexes to be able to make the most out of her generally frantic gameplay style.


Half ninja, half cyborg, Genji can double jump and climb vertical surfaces. He can even go faster and deal additional burst damage using Swift Strike. His vertical mobility and overall “coolness” has made him a popular pick in pubs.

Unfortunately, he’s not as popular of a pick in competitive play as he is in pubs. In pubs, Genji is mainly used to dispatch Bastion, which he can easily do via shuriken or defect/swift strike. But, you won’t be seeing much Bastions in competitive play. Also, elite players tend to use hitscan weapons, which can easily negate Genji’s ability to harass. That and his fragile body makes him a lower-tier hero in competitive play.

Genji still sees his fair share of playtime, though. His vertical mobility, for one, is extremely useful in flanker maps such as Hollywood or Gabraltar.


Pharah is another hero with good vertical mobility. Although not as mobile as either Genji or Tracer, Pharah’s verticality and long-range attacks are very useful in opening up sight lines, making her extremely useful for crowd control. Also, thanks to her long-range attacks, non-Roadhog tanks, Junkrat, Tracer, Mei and Reaper, have a hard time dealing with her.

Unfortunately, because she has a hard time moving when under fire, especially when using her ultimate, Pharah has a hard time dealing with heroes such as Widowmaker, McCree, and Soldier: 76.

You’ll rarely see Pharah in pubs. If you do, they’ll often just move around the battlefield and look for easy pickings. In competitive play, though, Pharah tends to excel, but only in the hands of players who know the maps extremely well.

With aerial bombardment skills that can potentially change the outcome of any match, spatial awareness is necessary to know how to reduce experience and when to keep sight lights open.

Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76 does a little bit of everything. He can fire off projectiles, has a medium-range hitscan weapon, heal and sprint back into the thick of things quite easily.

His versatility and orthodox style of gameplay allows him to fit many roles quite nicely and he’s generally considered as a safe, solid choice, regardless of the situation. His extra healing support, for one, can be quite useful during ill-advised engagements.
If you’re more of a solo queue guy, it’s hard to go wrong with this tough and grizzly marine.


Reaper is a beginner-friendly hero that fills a very specific role in the game – roam the map and pick off unsuspecting enemy heroes. He excels quite well in his role too, given his ability to take out most characters using his shotguns. Although quite slow (compared to other offense heroes), he can use Wraith Form to escape. He can also collect Soul Globes to restore health, which only adds to his survivability.

Reaper’s rather straightforward approach makes him a common staple in both competitive and casual games. Although, in competitive games, he’s generally considered as a legitimate game-changer when used properly.


Despite lacking any means of emergency escaping mechanisms, his ability to deal lots of damage quickly makes him a nice fit for just about any team and map. Because of this, McCree has long remained the top hero in the Offense Class.

Be warned, McCree isn’t an easy hero to play. His stun/flurry combo, in particular, requires very sharp reflexes to pull off properly. His lack of mobility is also a rather big issue. But, if you’re a fairly capable shooter, McCree can effectively destroy any hero in-game, despite a recent nerf.

Written by Ray Ian Ampoloquio

A gamer since he could hold a controller with his hands, he swears to have beaten Contra as a kid without using the Konami Code. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.