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Wisdota : Can It Really Help Elevate You In Dota 2?


Having spent hours playing Dota 2, you’re surely familiar already with the dozens of heroes and their skills, as well as map control, laning, last hitting, synergies, combos, counter-picking and so on. You’re probably even a pretty good Dota player yourself. But, if you have plans of making it big and getting picked up by a sponsored team, being a good player just isn’t enough. You’ll have to be better. However, to do so, familiarizing yourself with the basics just isn’t enough anymore – you have to master them.

This is where Wisdota and its data-driven analytics come in.

What Is Wisdota?

Wisdota lets you track your individual performance in matches and uses a machine learning model to rate the level you played at. This is displayed on the dashboard on your user page, as well as scores for how well you played, which includes information on last hits, fights, and so on. While the Match Making Rating of Dota 2, or MMR, is already a somewhat accurate basis of one’s skill level, it doesn’t exactly rate a player’s performance from game-to-game.

Richard Mason and Quirin Fischer, the developers of Dota 2 replay analyzing software Wisdota.
Richard Mason and Quirin Fischer, the developers of Dota 2 replay analyzing software Wisdota.

With Wisdota’s Individual Match Rating, or IMR, your performance in a single match is measured independently, as opposed to being averaged over all the games you’ve played.

For example, if you get an IMR of 4000 in a particular match, it means you performed roughly at the same level of a 4000 MMR player, regardless of your actual MMR. You can then use the individual rating, as well as the score, to get a clear glimpse of just how good (or bad) you actually are and see which areas of your game you need to work on to improve your game.


How Does It Work?

An example of your Wisdota.com IMR (Individual Match Rating) player profile.

In any sport, watching other players, especially professionals, have long been considered as a way to improve and learn. The same goes for Dota 2, which is why it pays to watch replays and live streams of professional players, especially during major tournaments.

Wisdota helps you do the same, but only that it uses your own replay files. Using its own model, Wisdota maps out features found in your replays to the appropriate MMR rating, while also keeping scores for your last hitting, fights and so on. The latter is particularly interesting, both for aspiring amateur players and professionals alike.

By offering a more data-driven analysis of certain aspects of your game, you get an idea of what you need to work on more to improve as a player. Case in point, if your last hitting is around a 4.5K MMR level, but your interface control was somewhat more on par with that of a 2K MMR player, then you clearly need to work on that first.

Be a Better Player Today

Wisdota will help you know what parts of your game you need to focus on more, regardless of whether it’s last hitting, lane equilibrium, map movement and so on. Remember, as the saying goes, you’re only as strong as your weakest link, and getting to know your weakness and working on it is key to going from a good to a great Dota player.



Written by Ray Ian Ampoloquio

A gamer since he could hold a controller with his hands, he swears to have beaten Contra as a kid without using the Konami Code. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.


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  • zootgamer

    Would you use an analyzing tool for to enhance your Dota 2 skill rating? Wisdota is one option!

  • Rose Jewel

    Oh cool ??? So this is like a HotsLogs for Dota 2?

    • ben_truckson

      no…. not at all…

  • Ray Ian

    Pretty useful tool, especially the tips. Turns out my IMR is north of 4k when I’m merely a 2K scrub :/