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Check Out The Latest CS:GO Team Power Rankings And Meet The New Latin American Team

CS GO Rankings
Elegaue Season 1 finished less than one week ago, thus ending the series of big tournaments this summer (along with ESC Season 1 and ESL One Cologne). Big summer tournaments are behind us, with only ESL One: New York 2016 yet to happen, at the beginning of October. Since bigs are out of the way let’s check the newest team ladders, provided by ESL gaming. Later on, we’ll introduce you with a new CS: GO team, which has pretty big ambitions, so stay with us and find out all those interesting info.

Fnatic is still number one team, having gathered 5,525 points, almost a thousand more than Natus Vincere (popular Na`Vi) which at the moment have 4,355 points. Fnatic almost won this year’s Elegaue, ending in the second place, just under Virtus.pro, but the team managed to conquer SLTV StarSeries Season XIV, the first major tournament of 2016. Na’VI ended their Eleague journey in semifinals, but this year they managed to grab a couple of second places (Dreamhack Masters Malmö 2016, MLG Columbus 2016, SLTV StarSeries Season XIV).

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On the third place, we have Luminosity Gaming, close behind Na’Vi with 3,907 points. Their best 2016 performances include titles won at MLG Columbus 2016 and ESL ESEA Pro League Season 3. They could end up in a better place, but a lack of tournament appearances had a negative effect on their place on the ladder. TEAM ENVYUS are fourth, having almost a thousand points less than Luminosity (2,997). They managed to get to semifinals at SLTV StarSeries Season XIV, and Dreamhack Masters Malmö 2016, but two semifinals are all they did in Major tournaments.

Virtus.pro are in fifth place, with the recent ELEAGUE Season 1 title giving them a nice point boost. Aside from winning Eleague Season 1, Virtus.pro managed only to enter semifinals at ESL One Cologne 2016, one of the reasons they are “only” in fifth place.
Ninjas In Pyjamas are holding the sixth place with 2,690 points; their biggest accomplishment for 2016 was Dreamhack Masters Malmö 2016 title. G2 Esports are placed seventh, with 2,550 points; their high points of this year include ECS Season 1 title and a second place won at ESL ESEA Pro League Season 3.

On eight place is Team Liquid (1,925 points). Team Liquid managed to reach finals at ESL One Cologne 2016; they also have one semifinal, reached at MLG Columbus 2016. Ninth place is reserved for Astralis (1,850 points). Astralis managed only to get to MLG Columbus 2016 semifinals. And on the tenth place we have Team SoloMid, having 1,825 points, just a handful less than Astralis. Solo Mid can be happy with ECS Season 1 semifinals since that’s their only big appearance at major events.

As we said at the beginning, another team will join North American CS: GO scene. Team Pain is based on Brazil, but all of their players are from Portugal, being a part of Team Alientech. Pain Gaming claims that they are the biggest electronic sports organization in Latin America, has big plans, since their new team will debut in the ECS Season 2 Open Qualifier on August 19.

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Beto Vides, vice president of Pain Gaming issued a statement saying that “With our team living in the United States and playing tournaments here and there, we can offer to our Brazilian sponsors an international visibility and, in addition, achieve global sponsors.” He also noted that “We’ve studied the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive market and after we saw a good opportunity, we began to contact teams committed to our ideals and we are very happy with our new team.”

Written by Goran Damnjanovic.