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Changes Coming To Overwatch Competitive Season 2

overwatch heroes smoke

With Competitive Overwatch Season 1 having just recently ended, let’s take a look at some of the things that will change once Season 2 starts.

Skill Rating

When competitive Overwatch’s first season started, players were given skill ratings of 1-100, depending on their distribution among other players. This meant that if you had a 60 skill rating, you belonged in the top six percent of all players. However, Jeff Kaplan, the leader and creative vision-holder for Overwatch, said that the skill rating “felt wrong”. He then cited an example of what 60 meant back in school (which was a D-grade, by the way).
With the new update, the Skill Rating System feels a bit more different. From 1 to 100, the numbers of have been raised to up to 5000.

This slight change should significantly affect how players gauge themselves and other players.

Ranked Skill Tiers

In addition to changing the skill rating system, Season 2 also comes with an all-new tier system. There are seven tiers in total (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond Master and Grandmaster) and will be roughly grouped every 500 skill rating or so.
As with most skill tiers from other games, the higher your skill rating, the higher your rank will be. However, what makes Overwatch’s different is that you won’t be able to fall out of the tier you’re in. So, let’s say you happen to have had a string of bad games, you really won’t have to worry much about ranking down from Silver to Bronze. This holds true for all skill tiers, save for the Master and Grandmaster Tiers.

This unique feature means a lot in terms of player rewards. Case in point, if you hit platinum, but wasn’t able to maintain that skill rating by the end up of the season, you’ll still end up getting a platinum reward, even if you hit 1.

No More Sudden Death

The sudden death system for season 1 was unfair for many reasons. Although, the biggest concern was being on the harder side when it came to importance matches. This almost always assured a loss for the team unfortunate enough to be on the harder side, which isn’t exactly fair.

Come season 2, there will be no more sudden death. Instead, Overwatch will use the time bank system as its final rulings. There’ll also be a lot of adjustments and reworks to the whole process, all in the name of competitive balance. Overall, the changes should make for a better and more equal competitive environment.

There are also a lot of changes coming in Season 2 save from what’s stated above. Included are changes to the skill rating decay, smurfing and a very welcome change to competitive points, which will now be multiplied by 10 (more golden guns for everyone, hurrah!).

To learn more about the changes coming this Season 2, including the ones already listed above, be sure to watch Kaplan’s developer update video.

Competitive Overwatch Season 1 ended back on August 18, with Season 2 set to begin this September 6.

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Written by Ray Ian Ampoloquio

A gamer since he could hold a controller with his hands, he swears to have beaten Contra as a kid without using the Konami Code. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.