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Be The Best. Overwatch Tips and Tricks For All Classes

overwatch heroes smoke

The future certainly looks bright for Blizzard’s newest IP, Overwatch. Just a week after its release a few months, Blizzard saw its newest game get as many as seven million players. To date, the number of players is still growing. This is truly surprising, especially given the game’s traditional sales model. This means that players are more than willing to drop at least $40 just to play the game. But, then again, you just can’t discount Blizzard’s efforts, which included an extensive closed beta campaign that saw plenty of professional Overwatch tournaments participated by some of the biggest teams in eSports.

Thanks to Blizzard’s initial and continuous efforts, Overwatch has its very own strategy space. Often referred to as the game’s “meta”, this endlessly evolving state is likely only to be more refined in time and as players become more experienced.

If you watch closely, it’s easy to see how Overwatch could flourish as an eSports. But, as with any eSports, new players will almost immediately find out that there’s tons of information to absorb regarding the game’s intricacies to be able to properly break into its competitive scene. To help, we’ve come up with a newbie friendly introduction for each Overwatch hero guide, grouping up the heroes into their own respective classes :




Written by Ray Ian Ampoloquio

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