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A Beginner’s Guide To Guild Wars 2

guild wars 2

Are you thinking of trying out Guild Wars 2, but you don’t have any experience with the game? This short guide will give you several useful tips and tricks for the game, which is quite different in many ways from most MMOs out there on the market currently.

Explore the world!

Guild Wars 2 is all about exploring the world and its events as they unfold around you. Many new players make the mistake of assuming that the yellow Heart “events” are the meat of the game – but they aren’t! They are there because players in the old closed beta events complained about lack of direction in the game, so ArenaNet put these hearts in the game to guide players toward possible events happening. These events often tell the story of the areas around you, so it is a good idea to pay attention to what’s happening and the NPC chatter.
Many of these events are part of a larger chain; you can notice these by paying attention to NPC chatter: most NPCs who have their chat appear in the chat box after an event’s completion, will be part of some following event.
Kill monsters which have been in the world for long for huge bonus XP awards; many of these are neutral mobs marked with yellow, and most mobs found in secluded areas.

Inventory management and Trading Post

Your inventory is quite limited at the beginning (3 slots for Free2Play, 5 for veteran players or HoT purchasers), but there are many convenience features absent from other MMOs. They are the following:

  • You can Deposit Materials via the cogwheel icon on the upper right corner of the Inventory.
  • You can also find various options in the same menu, such as Show rarity borders on items and compacting items, which will put all of them toward the top of the list. This excludes Invisible bags and some special bags.
  • You can buy special Bags, such as Invisible bags (items put here won’t appear when selling to a vendor), Equipment Bag (all looted weapons and armor go there first), Crafting Bags (all crafting materials will go there first), and several others.
  • All variants of the 8-10 slot bags are fairly cheap on the Trading Post.
  • Moreover, the Trading Post can be accessed anywhere – you can sell your items to other players in the wilderness! But to pick up your purchased items and your profits, you have to visit a Black Lion Trader in a main city or haven. Usually there is at least one per area.
  • The easiest way to utilize the TP is to just click the PvP button, enter the Heart of the Mists, use the Trader NPC there, then open the PvP panel again and click on ”Leave the PvP Lobby”.

You can easily earn some money, even as a F2P player, by buying Salvage Kits from NPCs, salvaging items you don’t need or find useful, and selling the raw materials on the TP.

Combo fields

An important part of Guild Wars 2 combat is the way combo fields work. Look at your skills carefully; some of them will have the description “Combo field: XXX” or “Combo Finisher: YYY”. These mean that you can make a combo with these skills.
The simplest explanation would be a Staff elementalist, who casts a regenerative Healing Rain on the ground. If you have a Combo Field: Blast type skill, you can target the ele’s Healing Rain to blow it up for a higher surge of healing. There are many other combinations, such as Leaping through a Smoke type of field will result in you being stealthed for a short time. You can find all of the Combo fields and combination types on the Guild Wars 2 wiki, but the best practice is to try them out yourself!

Use the wiki!

Thanks to the enthusiasm of the community, the official Guild Wars 2 wiki is a great source of information for the game. Speaking of this, you can type /wiki “search term” without the quotation marks into the chat to open the wiki’s search page in your default browser. You can even link abilities, items, boons and conditions, map markers and other terms after the /wiki command to quickly look them up.


Written by Adam Vogl, follow him on Twitter @Hurricane1989.