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This Week’s Hottest New Releases (September 28th – Oct 3rd)

Hello and welcome to our weekly presentation of the best games that will come out in the next seven days. September is clearly a month of sports games and after the hockey and soccer titles that came out earlier this month the last week of September is reserved for basketball. And the return of the most beloved skating video game franchise of all times.

So let’s start.

NBA 2K16

The best basketball simulation will see the light of day on the September 29 on PS4, Xbone, PS3, X360, and PC. If you pre-ordered the game you probably already checked it out because the preorder bonus is a chance to play the game a few days earlier than the rest of us. This year’s title will bring massive changes to the My Career mode. Instead of starting on the NBA draft, your player will begin all the way back in high school, making the name for itself, later on you’ll be building your college career until you eventually go to the draft. On top of that there are many gameplay changes, the players are now much more responsive, CPU teammates have much better movement on the playing field and CPU is not so much dominant when it comes to rebounds. Graphics is the same, but the tweaked animations make the game feeling more realistic and enjoyable.


NBA Live 16


EA sports are the rulers of football, hockey and soccer games, but when it comes to NBA they are in big problem. NBA live is stagnant for years, resting in the shadow of 2K’s king of hoops. The last year’s entry didn’t fulfill the expectations and was forgotten soon after launch. This year’s title promises massive gameplay changes, notched up graphics and much better player animation. EA needs to make a solid basketball game and the NBA live 16 is expected to be that game, but from the gameplay videos we’ve seen that is probably not going to happen. Lots of graphical bugs, a real walk through the park when it comes to scoring and the general feel of incompleteness are the main problems for this year’s release. Nevertheless, if you want to play it you need to wait for September 29 when the game is coming out for PS4 and Xbone.


Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5


We have waited 6 long years for another game in the famous Tony Hawk skating series. After the disappointing Ride released waaay back in 2009 and the last main entry in the series, Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground, released in 2007 comes the new chapter of this fantastic skating game. Oh, the memories…
Anyway, new Tony Hawk will bring modern graphics, massively improved gameplay (according to developers) and a skatepark builder which will enable you to make the skatepark of your dreams, and later share it with community, if you desire to do it. Get ready for the resurrection of skating that will happen on September 29 on PS4 and Xbone.


Might & Magic Heroes VII


Heroes were always been one of the best turn-based strategy games. Heroes III is probably the best turn-based strategy of all time, but after the fifth entry the series had just disappeared. The sixth entry in the series was plagued with bugs, crashes, and numerous gameplay problems. The new title in the Heroes franchise promises upgraded graphics, excellent story and hours and hours of joy to the players. There will be 6 in-game factions (Haven, Academy, Stronghold, Necropolis, Sylvan, and Dungeon) and we hope that the remaining factions (Fortress and Inferno) will be added as DLC or, if that’s possible these days, as a free update. You can check out new Heroes on September 29, only on PC
If you love basketball, you’ll have a fabulous week, thank you for reading and if you have some favorite that isn’t mentioned in this article let us know in the comment section bellow. Happy gaming everybody!


Written by Goran Damnjanovic, you can find him on Facebook.