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Elder Scrolls Online – The Imperial City Update 7 (Pics of New Raid Bosses, Gear, Currency and More)

eso tamriel cityThe Elder Scrolls Online just released its 7th large update since launch, which is also the first one since going B2P on the PC, and launching on consoles. This update includes many balancing adjustments, quality of life improvements for the game and the UI, and the first paid DLC, the Imperial City.
Finally, players will be able to enter the Imperial City in the center of Cyrodiil after fighting next to it for more than a year since the original PC release. As The Elder Scrolls Online is now Buy to Play, as in: buy once, play forever, the game has to pay its upkeep from DLCs and Crown Store items. The latter are mostly cosmetic, with outfits, mounts, but there are some other items in it, such as experience boosters, and horse training manuals for the 3 stats a character’s Riding skill consists of. Now the Imperial City DLC also joined the Store, with a hefty price tag of 2,500 crowns, which is about 20 USD or 17 EUR if turned into real money, based on the purchasable Crown Packages. Or, players can subscribe to the game, and as long as they keep the Eso+ membership up, they will have access to the Imperial City and the two new dungeons.

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About Update 7 – what does it contain?

Update 7 brings many changes to the game, of which the following few are notable:

  • Veteran Rank increased to a maximum of 16.
  • Veteran Rank 1-13 players will be scaled up to VR14 in PVP.
  • XP requirements for a Veteran Rank decreased from 1 million to 850.000 XP.
  • This means that instead of 14 million XP to VR14, you will only need 13.6 million XP for VR16.
  • Veteran Quest XP increased by 50%, public dungeon XP increased by 100%, general dungeon XP increased by 50%, and in addition, Craglorn quests and mobs give a 20% bonus. These mean a bit faster leveling overall in the Veteran ranks both for grinders and questers.

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The Imperial City pack includes the following:

  • The Imperial City itself, which will be familiar to the players of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, as the City is quite similar to that, and all 6 districts can be found there. This version of the city is infested by Daedra and other players from the opposing alliances.
  • Small-scale PVP skirmishes can occur regularly between players of the 3 factions inside the City and the Sewers below it.
  • Players collect a new currency, the Tel’Var stones by killing other players, and looting them from mobs. But beware: If you die to a player, you lose 80% of your stones, and if you die to a mob, you lose like 20%. Also, a multiplier is present – the longer you are out in the open, collecting Tel’Var stones without returning to your faction’s base in the Sewers, the higher our stone loots will be; but the risks are higher of losing them too!
  • Two new dungeons, accessible from level 10 in Normal, and level 50/VR1 in Veteran modes: The Imperial Prison, and the White-Gold Tower. Protip: Try our noob proof guide and clear White-Gold Tower on the first try.
  • Two new craftable gear skins, and VR15-16 gear with the requirement of Tel’Var stones as a base.

New Faction Armor/Gear

Ebonheart Pact Armor
Ebonheart Pact Armor
Daggerfall Convenant Armor
Daggerfall Convenant Armor
Aldmeri Dominion Armor
Aldmeri Dominion Armor

So what are you waiting for? If you like ESO, and smaller scale PVP, jump in into the Imperial City and help your alliance against the Daedra and the other two actions! The Imperial City DLC is released on PC, with Xbox One/PS4 versions following two weeks later, on September 14 and 15.
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imperial city screen

Written by Adam Vogl, follow him on Twitter @Hurricane1989.

  • Anonymous

    The ebonheart pact armor looks fckin amazing!!

    • EasterEggHead

      Ebonheart Pact ALWAYS has the nicest looking gear for some reason, must be a favorite among the game designers

    • It’s our favorite too! #TeamEbonheart

  • Sir_Dagger

    adam can you help me with the dungeons please how to beat the final boss of the first one

  • EasterEggHead

    Beautiful game, ESO deserves so much more recognition

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