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Elder Scrolls Online, A Guide To The White-Gold Tower

xGU5WNpThe Elder Scrolls Online has released its first DLC titled The Imperial City on August 31 for the PC/Mac versions. This update contains two new dungeons for the PvE players: The White-Gold Tower, and The Imperial City Prison, both with normal and veteran modes available. This guide focuses on the Normal version of the White-Gold Tower, which is accessible from level 10.
There is a video at the bottom of this guide, in which a party of players fight through the dungeons; this is not my video, I just show it:

How to access the White-Gold Tower dungeon?


First, ensure that you have access to the Imperial City DLC. You won’t actually need to get into the city; to check whether you’re eligible, check if your ESO Member status is active, or if you have the DLC. The former can be done in the account management page, the latter can be checked in the Crown Store under the DLC section.

If you are eligible to access the DLC, simply get your group together. Group members need to be within 4 levels, and the first person to enter will determine the level scaling.

To enter the dungeon, pull up the world map, click on Cyrodiil, then scroll over the Imperial City. You will see two dungeon icons; one of these is the White-Gold Tower. Click on it to teleport inside.

Clivia Tharn

If this is your first time in the dungeon, be sure to get the quest from Clivia Tharn inside, next to the entrance. This quest can be done by simply completing the dungeon and beating its bosses.

Most of the dungeon is pretty straightforward: press on, kill monsters. The bosses can be somewhat trickier.

The first such boss is the group of Clivia’s servants. There are 4 of them at once, and it can be hard for the tank to keep them on himself all the time. Make sure to interrupt every “red” attack they do, especially the ones the healer does. Spread your party out, as one of them is a wizard, which does heavy AoE damage around herself; when this happens, just run away from her. This boss group is around the 11 min mark on the video above.
The second to last boss is called The Planar Inhibitor, and he is a very hard opponent with several mechanics. In the video above, he is at minute 21.

  • There is an Inhibitor Prism in the center. Whoever uses this items gets the Inhibitor’s aggro for a while. If one player uses this twice in a row, the boss will get super angry and nuke him down with a huge, irresistible AOE field. So two players have to take turns in using this prism and running. One of these should be the tank, as he can tank the boss easily.
  • The boss drops small AoE circles of fire, avoid these.
  • Randomly, one player will see that his screen is greyed out. His job is to quickly attack the blue orbs which spawned and started to summon adds. Failure to kill the blue orbs can resist in being overwhelmed by adds, which have to be killed ASAP.

The last boss is Molag Kena, and he is also a difficult one, with several phases. In the video, he is at 27 minutes.

  • Start attacking the boss. He will jump up and smash down, creating a blue ring of flame at the edge of the arena. Be aware of this, as being knocked into the flames results in instant death.
  • Then the boss will create a similar, somewhat less deadly, slowly spinning blue wall. Avoid this by circling alongside the boss.
  • Several times during the fight, Molag Kena will jump into the centre, and will become invulnerable. Four Lightning Aspects will spawn, your job is to destroy these ASAP. Be aware that their deaths cause huge AOE explosions around them, so run away when their HP is getting low, and damage them from a distance.
  • Sometimes the boss will knock people up or back. Avoid the outer parts of the arena in order to not get knocked into the flames at the edge.

That is it for the normal version of the White-Gold Tower. Good luck, and happy looting!

Written by Adam Vogl, follow him on Twitter @Hurricane1989.