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Batman : Arkham Knight Wants To Start Fresh With PC Fans

batman arkham knight pcArkham Knight, the final chapter of the excellent Batman video game trilogy (if we don’t count Arkham Origins, a game made by different team that served as a prologue for the events depicted in other Arkham titles) is among gamers for a couple of months. And the game is pretty solid, not as good as the first two (Arkham Asylum and Arkham City) but a worthy closing of the story started with the first game. Of course, the statement mentioned above is valid if you play the console versions of the game (PS4 or Xbone) because the PC port was horrendous in the terms of technical failures:

  • Humongous system requirements for a game that’s powered by Unreal 3 engine
  • an engine that’s almost (or more, I’m not certain) ten years old
  • constant crashes, glitches, and game visuals that didn’t justified the requirements

Soon after launch, the game was pulled off almost all game stores, both digital and brick and mortar, followed by the apology from Warner Bros., the game’s publisher. In the days after the pullout of the game, we learned that the PC version was made by a small external studio and that Rocksteady didn’t have any connection with the PC version. They promised the release of a patch that will tackle the bugs and make the game playable. The patch has come out, and the majority of the bugs and glitches were ironed out, but the number of problems remained. The game is still unavailable for purchase, and there was no information when it will be released again, up until now.

In the recent press release regarding future DLC for the game, publisher Warner Bros. stated that the PC version of the game will be available again in the coming weeks. There is no accurate release date, but at least we have a statement that proves that publisher isn’t abandoned the PC version. Good news, if you ask me because in these days profit is the main motivator for almost every industry branch and is good to see publisher trying to improve the mess that is the PC version of the game, even though they are the ones to blame for that mess in the first place.

The Arkham series is one of the best video game series in the last fifteen years and it will be really immoral to leave PC gamers without the conclusion of its phenomenal story. Also, the game has a great atmosphere and enjoyable gameplay (although the Batmobile is really forced too much in the game). At least PC gamers from around the world can hope that the game will be finally playable and enjoyable when it comes out again, with the numerous bugs killed and hardware demands lowered.


Written by Goran Damnjanovic, you can find him on Facebook.