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Xbox One Fans Will Pay Much More For Rockband 4 Than Their PS4 Counterparts


Rhythm fans have been patiently waiting for the upcoming Rockband and Guitar Hero games that will be released this year, but Xbox One fans may have something to complain about already. If you own an Xbox One, have the instruments from some of the previous games and planning on buying just the disc version of the new Rockband you’ll need to pay 20$ extra in comparison to the same disc edition on the PS4. Why? Because of the fact that Xbox One has different wireless protocol than the Xbox 360 had.


For that reason, the disc version of Rockband 4 comes bundled with a wireless adapter that makes that twenty dollars price difference. Microsoft changed the wireless protocol for connecting its controllers when Xbone was released making the old controllers used for X360 incompatible with the new console, including instruments used to play Rock Band. The official statement from Harmonix says, “With Xbox One, Microsoft updated the wireless connectivity security protocol that exists between wireless controllers and the receiver on the console. Because of this, wireless Xbox 360 controllers and accessories aren’t natively compatible with the Xbox One.”


On the other side, PS4 owners will not have that sort of problems because all of the supported legacy instrument will work with the new console without problems. The price for them will remain the usual $/€59.99. Aside from that, a chart with supported legacy instruments was released so you can see if you can play the new game with your old controllers.


What’s interesting is that on the Xbone, wired peripherals (guitars and drums) will not be supported. Harmonix said that only wireless controllers can use the adapter. And that’s bad. But if you plan to get the game for PS4, both wired and wireless legacy controllers will be able to be used with the new game. Tough luck for Xbone owners, but look at the bright side; PC gamers are not gonna get the game at all.


For people that don’t keep their old instruments, didn’t have the opportunity to buy any of the previous releases or just want to play the game with the new and shiny instruments there are a couple of options. First, you have the full band bundle that includes the game, one guitar, a microphone and a drum set. The price of the bundle is whooping $250. If you just want a guitar for your Rock band ventures, the bundle that includes the game and one guitar will have a price of $120.


What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you think that $20 price difference will reflect on the sales between the two systems? Let us know in the comments bellow.


Written by Goran Damnjanovic, you can find him on Facebook.
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