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What Do Kojima And Del Toro Have Up Their Sleeves?

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In September of 2012 all seemed right in the world of Konami. Their superstar game designer Hideo Kojima was not only working on the games that would become Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain, but he had just signed up to get to work on a new entry into the Silent Hill series. The game would attempt to provide a shot in the arm for the ailing series, which has seen a number of fairly lacklustre entries over the previous years. Kojima himself seemed excited for the project, claiming that he would be able to design something that would scare the pants of players because, in his own words, he himself is a complete chicken.

In August of 2014 that claim appeared to ring true when the release of the P.T. (Playable Teaser) demo appeared on the PlayStation Store. Not only was the demo completely free to download, but it also confirmed the long-standing rumour that Hideo Kojima would be working alongside famed film director Guillermo Del Toro on the project.

To say that the demo was terrifying would be an understatement, with many a gamer spending upwards of a hour hoping that they didn’t encounter the horrific ghost lady that occupied the games one, repeating corridor. It was weird, difficult to decipher and scarier than anything the survival horror genre has managed in a number of years. Simply put, things looked good for the upcoming Silent Hills.

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Then everything changed. Just a few short months later, Kojima and Konami had parted ways and one of the most hotly anticipated games of the current generation was cancelled. Nobody really knows the reasons behind the whole incident, but gamers all over the world couldn’t help but be disappointed.

It wasn’t long after that the rumour mill got churning again. Was there anything stopping Kojima and Del Toro from teaming up outside of Konami and working on something else? While Kojima was fairly tight-lipped, Del Toro openly spoke about wanting to rekindle the partnership.

The rumours were eventually confirmed, or at least appear to have been, with the recent news that the pair have linked up again and are working on something. Now the question is – what do they have up their sleeves?

One has to imagine that a lot of ideas that were going to go into Silent Hills will make it into whatever project the pair work on next. Unless Konami were ridiculously stringent in terms of copyright and own every idea that the pair came up with, gamers should probably anticipate Silent Hills in all but name.

But could it be more than that? Two of the most creative minds in their respective industries getting together must surely result in a ton of great ideas. What if the cancellation of Silent Hills has opened the door for an entire series of games, one which Kojima and Del Toro will have full control over>

It’s an exciting prospect and one that will hopefully come to fruition at some point in the near future. Let’s just hope the pair can find a publisher for whatever it is that they are planning.


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Kojima and Del Toro

  • JaytheGray

    I found the demo terrifying, but I am still waiting eagerly in anticipation to see what they will release. I was disappointed with the cancellation of Silent Hill.