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The Gaming Pilgrimage: A Journey of the Essential Gaming Experiences

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The first installments of anything have basic principles that should be followed to make a significant impact and to lay the foundation. There are so many games and “must” play lists out there that it can be difficult to choose what is a must have experience. This is the purpose of this list, it is to provide a way to distinguish must have experiences and provide my experiences that are must haves. I want to provide rationale and provide enough reason for you to consider trying out that game. This is by no means a complete list but rather a pilgrimage to share my journey with video games.

Rather than highlighting any particular game. I want to begin with how to distinguish essential experiences from other video games. For me, a game to qualify for this journey will have to be impactful in some manner of its design for me to compare it to other games within its genre. It has to either be a standard which I hold other experiences to or makes me question the standard. Every genre has its own standard because it is hard to compare games that are built for different effects, audiences, etc. By no means is that chiseled in stone because there are a lot of games that don’t fit comfortably into predetermined genres.

Another aspect that games will not be judged is design quality.

There are games which are just pretty to look at, which alone gives it importance. But because of how far game design has advanced and will continue to, I don’t believe that those things matter as much. Now of course the design is important. It however won’t make or break a game for this list. If the gameplay sucks but the graphics are gorgeous, this doesn’t necessarily make it an essential experience to have. Sound falls in the artistic design as well. For me the gameplay and what is being told by the game are much more important for experience. Like I said though, they are important elements but for my list it won’t break the game if it isn’t gorgeous by today’s standards or if its soundtrack consists of bleeps and bloops.

An essential experience for me very might well be unessential to you. That’s okay. We have different likes and dislikes and all I am offering is my perspective. I hope to broaden your scope and entice you to try a game that you may not have thought you should. These games are games that have impacted my life outside of games. Their experiences are transferable to other entertainment and break barriers of appeal for certain preferences. In my opinion most of these games are hidden gems because the big games have already gotten enough press. Games that do interesting things that are genre breaking or just fun deserve some love to. Pilgrimages are all about the journey and reaching the destination with a new appreciation for the type of pilgrimage.

In the coming weeks, games will be played and highlighted on here in my goal to share essential experiences. To highlight the big names and small ones to gain a new appreciation of this medium we have chosen. Please offer your essential experiences with the community that will broaden our appreciation for the entertainment we love.


Written by Kyle Estep

  • Bambi

    I am excited for this and I can not wait to share these experiences with you. I enjoy seeing other gamers perspective. I am looking forward to seeing what you consider an “essential experience.”

  • Diddy

    I think Donkey Kong Country should be on the list, that game is the Bomb. Also Mario Karts, that was lots of fun as well.

  • Alex

    In today’s world, its the graphics that matters, for me good graphics good game

  • monal@34

    Well the more game offers you to believe in your hard work in the game, the more it impacts you, that’s my perspective, your’s is not bad also

  • kiera

    Look boy, the games are that part of your life that makes you think “Yes i can do it”, well not most of the developers are focusing on human psychae, thats the main issue, how many of us want to play ninja turtle our whole life, no one, we need challenges that can make us strong