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Neogaf Member Completes Epic Metal Gear Solid Timeline


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain should arrive in a couple of days and what can be better than recapping the tremendously long and extremely intricate series history. But the only ways to do this ‘till now was to either play every game from the series (and doing something like that demands that the person doing it have no life at all), visit Youtube and watch one of the many videos containing the cut-scenes from the games or going to the Metal Gear Wikia and dig through ungodly amount of information for hours.

From now on, you have a new option that looks like the best one, at least if you’re a person that doesn’t have hours and hours of spare time and just wants to look up MG history in a straightforward but informative way.




One NeoGaf user that goes by the name SnakeEater has shared his Metal Gear Timeline site with the community. The site itself is in timeline format (duh) and it starts all the way back in 1918, the year The Philosophers were created, covers all of the MGS games that are considered to be part of the official Metal Gear canon, and not contain any spoilers from MGSV: TPP. The site is awesome, you can quickly select a game from the series you want to check out and the timeline will go to the point in it where the game takes place, there’s a ton of information and all of the important events are covered and the timeline includes even MGS: Rising so you can read about entire MGS history, from 1918 all the way up to 2018.


mgs timeline 1


It’s much better option when compared to Wikia, at least story wise, because here you have all of the games, in chronological order, on one place and it’s all explained in a well-defined way, without walls of text and the need to jump from page to page in order to chase the loose ends and seek the explanations for unclear parts of the story.

You can even save the timeline as a pdf, print it and read it while on work or in the school because there’s only five days ‘till the MGSV release and if there’s any game out there that demands fairly good understanding of its story in order to enjoy it in the best way possible it’s this one.

You can visit the metal gear timeline site here [warning : major spoiler alert!]. Now go and do some reading, September 1st is closer than you think. If you haven’t already, there’s still time to preorder the new MGSV.


Written by Goran Damnjanovic, you can find him on Facebook.

mgs timeline 2