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Five Great Game Franchises That Need Sequels

Over the course of gaming history, a lot of franchises come and go. Many of these will have run their course, with the developers moving onto new things after exhausting all of the ideas that they had, or the series itself has simply reached a logical conclusion.

However, there are also gaming franchises that should simply have never died in the first place. Whether it’s due to consumer apathy or a lack of financial support, there are many great gaming franchises that have left players wanting more yet simply not delivering.

All of the franchises on this list play host to classic games, and it would be wonderful to see any one of them revived.

5. Panzer Dragoon

Panzer Dragoon

The SEGA Saturn didn’t have many killer apps, but in the Panzer Dragoon series they had something that was completely unique. Playing much like Space Harrier, but with mind-blowing graphics and a sweeping orchestral score, the games were capable of whisking players away to a new universe that was utterly enchanting.

The final game in the series, Panzer Dragoon Orta, was one of the first to really showcase what the original Xbox could do. Unfortunately, poor sales means that the series has remained stagnant ever since.


4. Legacy of Kain


With Soul Reaver, Crystal Dynamics set a benchmark for storytelling in games that few other developers of the era could match up to. They continued the trend with the sequel, creating games of enormous ambition that barely managed to fit onto their host consoles.

Unfortunately, despite the obvious qualities on display, the series never saw another entry after Soul Reaver 2. This was especially frustrating for fans, as the series hardly ended on a definitive note.


3. Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis

Capcoms interesting mash-up of survival horror and Jurassic Park was an enormous hit back in the days of the PS1. The sequel changed things up a bit and placed more focus on action, but was still critically acclaimed, and it looked for all the world like we would have another franchise as popular as Resident Evil on our hands

Then the third game happened, which took the dinosaurs into space and utterly wrecked the series as a result. With the massive popularity of Jurassic World, the time has never been riper for a return to glory for the series.


2. Road Rash

Road Rash

Fans of the 16-Bit era will likely have fond memories of this biking game, which mixed illegal street racing with an intensity that few other games of the era could compete with. It made the series an instant favourite and resulted in a number of sequels.

Unfortunately, interest seemed to wane as the series plodded on without any new ideas and the last we saw of Road Rash was in 2003. Surely EA could come up with something to bring the series back to life with the current generation of consoles.


1. Power Stone


The Dreamcast played host to some truly spectacular games and the Power Stone series is no exception. They were fun and frenetic brawlers, featuring the ability to pick up objects and fight with them against a varied cast of characters.

The games were popular enough to spawn a short-lived anime series in Japan, but it seems like the buck stopped with the second title. Just think of the potential for utter carnage that today’s powerhouse consoles could offer if Capcom decided to revisit the series.


Lee Price is a freelance writer and general miscreant who enjoys video games, movies and making dreary situations better by adding copious amounts of alcohol. Follow him on Twitter @Mr_Lee2112 to read his random musings.