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Five Great Characters That Weren’t in Street Fighter IV That Must Be in V

Capcom has been struggling in recent years, particularly after the big-budget failure of Resident Evil 6, but if there is one thing they can rely on it is the support of the Street Fighter fans. The fifth is finally on its way, with a little bit of help from Sony, so now many will be thinking about the characters that could be making an appearance when it finally arrives.

A few of the classic fighters from the series have been announced, alongside a new name or two, but there are a number of characters from games gone by that fans would love to get their hands on. Here we look at a few characters who should be in Street Fighter V that weren’t in any of the iterations of the fourth game

5. R.Mika

R Mika

The rather adorable and very fan-service friendly R.Mika is a Russian wrestler, much like Zangief. Only she looks a lot cuter in Lycra and is a little bit ditzy to boot. Don’t let that fool you though, as she was a dangerous grappler in the Alpha series. A return should be on the cards, particularly with even more wrestlers in the Street Fighter universe for her to contend with.



4. Karin

KarinThe Street Fighter series tends to favour male fighters over female, regardless of the popularity of the likes of Cammy and Chun Li, so that’s something that could be rectified with number five. R.Mika would make a great start, but Capcom would also do well to consider bringing Karin back as a rival for Sakura. The snobby little rich girl is a very dangerous martial artists and it would be great to see her mixing it up with her rival once again.



3. Oro


One of the most intriguing characters from Street Fighter III should definitely be brought back for the next game. Oro is a hermit who has such power that he purposefully binds one of his arms behind his back to give his opponents a fighting chance. While this could indicate arrogance, Oro is actually quite kind-hearted and simply enjoys the fight. He would offer something a little different for players to dig their teeth into, as well as being a viable canon opponent for Akuma.



2. Q


Q is one of the more intriguing and mysterious characters from the Street Fighter series, with very little being known about him to this day outside of the fact that he seems to appear regularly at the sites of disasters. This means that many believe that he has an evil disposition. However, his clothing looks like that of a detective, meaning there may be more than meets the eye with Q.



1. Sean


Street Fighter III seemed to be building Sean up to be a potential future rival for Ken, as Masters lectured him following Sean’s defeat to a random competitor in the U.S. Martial Arts tournament. Sean’s biggest weaknesses were his youth and recklessness, making him something of a scrappy character who never quite hit the heights of the big guns. It would be great to see if he has managed to progress any further as a martial artist.



Lee Price is a freelance writer and general miscreant who enjoys video games, movies and making dreary situations better by adding copious amounts of alcohol. Follow him on Twitter @Mr_Lee2112 to read his random musings.

  • tom

    Love to play all street fighters series.Great suggestion for street fighter developers admin.these characters should be in version.

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    Hurrah, love to see those characters, can’t wait now

  • Katherine

    Well kerin’s appearance is most awesome bait the developers can have