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Cliffy B Reveals His First Game Since Leaving Epic Games (Trailer Inside)

Law breakers 2

Cliff Bleszinski is back. After he left Epic games and founded his new studio, Boss Key, yesterday he finally revealed his new project. The name of the game is LawBreakers, and it’s a free-to-play multiplayer FPS. Because there’s already a ton (or a couple of tons) of FTP FPS games out there this announcement doesn’t look promising at the first sight. But remember, we’re talking about the guy who once upon a time founded Epic games, you know, the studio that gave us Unreal tournament, one of the best arena multiplayer FPS series of all time, and there’s also a little game called Gears of War.


The game takes place on Earth, which first got ravaged by the explosion of the Moon which had some devastating consequences. Tidal waves, earthquakes, gravity anomalies (ok, it’s a game, not a hard SF novel), but that didn’t bend the humanity. It managed to rebuild and to develop the world that’s more advanced and superior to before the explosion of the Moon. But, as these stories go, not everything is perfect. Gangs that want to destroy the society start to appear and they mean business. Founded by the international criminal cartels Breakers soon start to appear all over the world, eventually coming in the US. Drug trade, crime waves, all of that is on their repertoire. And they are not your usual bad guys.


Enhanced with supplements that give them superhuman abilities as well as abilities to perform some sick maneuvers due to the gravity anomalies they soon start to overpower the world police forces. As an answer to that threat, a new agency is established, one that will fight against the Breakers. That’s about all information on the story we have for now.


Boss Key promises that this game isn’t just another standard multiplayer shooter set in the future. They talked about different classes, each class have its own unique abilities. Yeah, you can say that this isn’t new either (Team Fortress 2 impose itself as the best example of the class-based multiplayer FPS) but combining the class based mechanic with exciting futuristic background (the Moon has exploded for Christ sake!) and probably top-notch graphics we can get a worthy contender in the world of multiplayer FPS games. We’ll don’t have any gameplay footage at the moment, so discussing the potential this game might have will have to wait for the gameplay trailer.


The studio said a trailer that will show actual gameplay footage will release on Friday, and until it comes out you can watch the cinematic announcement trailer below.


Written by Goran Damnjanovic, you can find him on Facebook.