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Be a Better Tanker – Tips For Playing Warriors in HoTS


“Heroes of the Storm” is a fairly basic game when you look at it.

You have the Assassins, the ones who deal the most damage against opponents, the supports who help others stay alive as they fight in the front lines. There are also the specialists whom have unique, yet highly valued skillsets and then, there’s the warriors, the one’s who’s tasked to do much of the dirty work.

Sonya the Barbarian

By dirty work, I mean soak up much of the damage that opposing heroes can dish out. To do that, warriors have the highest health points among the four hero classes and skill sets that’s best suited for them to stay alive in the front lines.

Put simply, the warriors in Heroes of the Storm are what you’d normally refer to as tanks and meat shields. But, because of the game’s emphasis on micromanagement and fast-paced gameplay, warriors have to do much more than just tank. They have to worry about initiating and crowd control, all the while making sure that the assassins and supports have enough space to do what they do best.

Unfortunately, many don’t realize this and often just go in blindly in every clash. If you’re one to do so, then you may want to rethink your strategy and read on below to know more about how to be a better tanker.

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Your main role as a warrior may be to tank, but your skill set allows you to deal your fair share of damage and engage enemy heroes. Make sure that you use every skill you have on opposing heroes, especially the supports and assassins. This way, the enemy team won’t be able to deal as much damage, while your team’s supports and assassins have enough space to play their respective roles.


  • NEVER AIM AT A FELLOW TANK. The focus of your crowd control skills should be on assassins, supports and other key heroes.
  • You’re going to take the lead at all times, so be sure to act like a leader. Always be the first to suggest securing important map objectives, or vision points.
  • Speaking of vision, don’t die trying to secure vision points. This doesn’t apply to just warriors, but every other hero class. Remember, even if vision is important, staying alive and preventing the enemy team from gaining an advantage in experience or levels is much more so.
  • You may be expected to take the lead, but don’t be reckless trying to do so. Diving in without securing your teammate’s position just isn’t going to do your team any good. In fact, if the enemy team manages to single you out, you’ll end up putting your teammates to a disadvantage by dying and taking too long to respawn, especially in late games.

    Can you be lord of the underworld and still keep your cool?
  • Always prioritize talents that grant additional regeneration rates, increase your HP or give you a shield of sorts. This way, you’re able to last longer in team fights. Though, there will be times that you’ll need to focus on DPS too, especially if your team needs more damage during team fights.

Warriors may be, arguably, be the easiest to learn out of the four classes, but that doesn’t mean that playing them is going to be a walk in the park.

Hopefully, the general tips above will help you become a better warrior player at Heroes of the Storm.

New warriors are being released every month or so!


Written by Ray Ian Ampoloquio

  • Adney

    Well great tips, managing your tanks is the most important thing here, assassins are just for the supporting role as they don’t have much health points, so i will work on these tips now, see what happens

  • Aiken

    well you need to be patient for providing shields to your warriors thats what i am always telling to my team mates, i hope they will listen to me now

  • Alfred

    Attack with all of your resources, that’s my motto, engage the enemy as mush as possible otherwise they will sue you really hard

  • Saburo

    the game is full of challenges but the tips are awesome thumbs up

  • Max

    I will lead my team now, thanks for the tips but the real environment of the game just needs your will and strategy

  • Sahib

    I hate enemy tankers, they are really hard to control, love your tricks zootgamer

  • Gordo

    Yes, the support must be active all the time, i think i am only lacking that

  • Aisha

    i am new at this game,,, thanks for the guide, please post some demo also

  • Bambi

    I always shy away from being a tank. Thanks for the tips,I might try to be a tank and with your tips, it will not be as scary.

  • Liz_tha_Wiz

    Hi, I am a big WOW person. I am thinking of playing HoTS until the new expansion comes out. I am normally a tank WOW, will these skills carry over?
    Also, are you automatically the leader if you are the tank.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • ashita singh

    Your tips are very help full.They really help in games.One again thanks for great tips.

  • phoenix

    great work.good site admin.please also upload videos demos of games.