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Amplitude Studios Reveals Upcoming Endless Space 2


Amplitude Studio has announced an upcoming sequel to the beloved science fiction 4x turn-based strategy, Endless Space. While not much has been released to the public as of now, fans of the soundtrack from the first Endless Space will be happy to know that the return of the previous audio director, French composer FlybyNo, has already been verified by Amplitude Studio. As the game reaches closer to it’s release date, we will be updating you with all the latest Endless Space 2 news.


If the sequel is anything like the first Endless Space : a unique take on the classic 4x genre, with mesmerizing art and music, we’re already in love. While we wait for a chance to play-test the beta, why not brush up on those space conquering skills with our Endless Space guide to science victory with the Sophons.

A short teaser for the Endless Space 2 reveal trailer is below. For the full trailer you’ll want to check out their futuristic new site, designed for fully immersing yourself into the experience of Endless Space 2 before the game is released.

Written by Puff, a.k.a. Jean

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  • Clappa094

    oooohhhh, that looks good. I recommend the first installment, it was enthralling. It kept me mesmerized for days.

  • Blondie

    This looks like great fun. I adore the first one, I am playing it on steam.
    Does anyone have the exact release date yet? All I know is 2016.