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A Peek Inside Microsoft’s New Xbox One Elite Bundle

xbox one controller

After a couple of rumors, Microsoft today officially announced Xbox One Elite bundle. The price for the bundle is $500 and it comes with the console that has 1TB SSHD and one Xbox Elite wireless controller.

The SSHD Drive

Xbox Elite 2

SSHD (solid-state hybrid drive) is one of the two main stars of the Elite bundle. As Microsoft states: “The SSHD optimizes performance by storing data on the fastest part of the hard drive—flash memory partition. This allows it to fetch data faster than standard hard drives so you can jump into the game quicker”. Transformed in numbers the new hard drive has 20% faster loading times when waking up from the energy-save mode. In addition to that “The advanced SSHD learns which files and data you access frequently to load your favorite games and apps even faster”.


Basically, Solid State Hybrid Drives are made in a way that they have both the classic memory storage part (magnetic disks) as well as the flash memory (SSD) part making it great for speeding up the performance by keeping copies of the most frequently used data on the SSD memory. They combine the cost-effectiveness of the HDD technology with the speed of the SSD technology. This is really good move by Microsoft, if they putted the usual SSD in the new Elite version of the console the memory capacity will be either much, much smaller or the drive itself would be a lot more expensive.


Another good news is doubling of the hard drive capacity. 1TB of storage is a huge improvement over “normal” version that has “only” 500GB of storage space. Games today are much bigger and they demand more and more content to be installed on the console’s hard drive in order to play them.

The Elite Controller

Elite xbox 1

The second star of the show, Xbox Elite controller, comes with a price of $149.99 if you decide to buy it separately from the bundle. Microsoft stated that the new controller was designed in collaboration with pro gamers and that it should give you more speed, more precision, and more customizing options. Thumbsticks are made of metal (as well the d-pad) and they can be swapped so you can choose the combination that best suits your playing style.


One feature that greatly differentiates Elite controller is the addition of paddles that are placed on the lower part of the controller and are interchangeable meaning that you can attach all four or just one if you so desire. As reads on the Elite controller page: “The paddles give your fingers more control, so you can execute devastating moves and experience more efficient control. Now you don’t have to take your thumbs off the thumbstick to execute an intricate jump, aim, and shoot combinations”.


That’s not all, because along with the Elite console version, Microsoft announced an app that will enable you to adjust almost all of the controller parameters (trigger values, thumbstick sensitivities) as well enabling you to remap button assignments .
The Elite bundle launches worldwide in November while the Elite controller launches in October, and it will be available worldwide as well.


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 Written by Goran Damnjanovic, you can find him on Facebook.