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Tips and Tricks for New and Returning Diablo III Players

tyriel diablo 3 featured

Diablo III has changed quite a lot since the last time we wrote about it: Reaper of Souls was released, introducing Act V set in Westmarch, the all-new Crusader character, Loot 2.0, and many other changes and improvements in the following patches. The game is at Version 2.2.1 currently, with 2.3.0 on the PTR in testing. Here are some tips and tricks for new and returning players.

Difficulty Settings

diablo 3 difficulty

Since the Reaper of Souls expansion, you no longer need to complete the game three times to have a maximum level character. This is unlike other games in the genre, such as Path of Exile or the Torchlight series. Difficulty settings govern the amount of bonus XP, gold find and Legendary Drop % you receive, in addition to monster HP. You can change difficulty settings mid-game too, if you feel it being too easy or hard. Some difficulties are locked by default, such as Master, requiring completion of Act IV at least one, and the Torment levels, which require at least one level 60 hero to be present on your account.

If you want much faster XP gains and leveling, try playing on Hard from the beginning, as this difficulty is still easy for most of the classes, and it gives a huge 75% XP and Gold find bonus. If you find that to have become easy, then crank it up to Expert or even Master if you have that unlocked.

If you don’t want story, just an open world to roam around and kill things in, you can play a Seasonal hero, which has Adventure mode unlocked from the get-go. In Adventure mode, you can teleport between most areas in the game, and do Bounty missions there, killing designated targets and doing random missions.

Powerleveling with a Friend

There is a really easy and quick method of being powerleveled by friends. If you have a friend with a Level 70 character, then you can ask him to start a game with the Level 70 character, set the active Quest to one you have access to, and invite your low-level character. You then need to follow him as he kills the level 70 mobs, earning you a ton of XP in the process.

About Crafting and Gold

There are 3 unlockable and trainable artisans in Diablo III.

  • The Mystic: lets you transmogrify (put new looks on) an item and change one enchantment on items.
  • The Blacksmith: Crafts new armor and weapons, and salvages existing ones for raw crafting materials.
  • The Jeweler: a new addition in Reaper of Souls, who combines weaker jewels into a stronger one (2 weak = 1 stronger), can remove gems from sockets, and forge new jewelry if you trained her high enough.

You need to spend Gold to train them up to Level 10, and to reach Level 12 max, you’ll need Death’s Breath, which is a rare drop in Act V. Each training session unlock new recipes, new item slots to be enchanted, and more. Note that their levels are account-bound, and are separated into Normal, Hardcore, Seasonal Normal and Seasonal Hardcore: these levels do not carry over between the various game types.

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It is worth to spend Gold on upgrading them ASAP, and savage everything you find at the Blacksmith, where you’ll use the raw materials to craft new armor and weapon for you and your followers. Gold will rain from monsters anyway, so you shouldn’t just sell the items, instead break them down for the materials. The bonus properties of these crafted items are random, so you’ll need to make several of them to get the desired results.

Instead, invest Gold in buying extra Stash tabs and upgrading the three artisans.



Written by Adam Vogl, follow him on Twitter @Hurricane1989.

  • L0la

    I am a WOW fan. Diablo is new territory for me. Thanks for the tips. You have any class suggestions?
    Thank you.

  • Jedi

    I was very disappointed when they disabled the money making auction house. I was a casual gamer, but could still make a little bit of money.

  • Dantheman

    Yes!! Diablo should bring back the Real Money Auction house. It was the best part of the game. I stopped playing after that….. Damn, maybe I should return..