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Tips and Tricks for Grand Theft Auto V

The PC version of GTA V was released a couple of months ago and if you are still playing the single player campaign (like I do) here is the list with some useful tips that can help you get a little bit better in this phenomenal open world satiric wonder of a game.

1. Use the unique special abilities of the three main characters whenever you can.

You probably already know that Michael, Trevor and Franklin all have their distinctive abilities that can help you in various ways throughout the game. So, if you want to do some off-road racing use Franklin, because he can slow down time when in a vehicle. Also use him whenever you can in the stories missions that include some fast driving because his power will make those missions much easier.

gita 5 all three

2. Franklin is very useful when you are trying to rob those armored trucks which can be found sometimes cruising on the map.

Just slow down time, shoot the drivers and then blow off the back doors. The police will probably be on your tail after that so when you start running away from them, Franklin is the best option for that.

franklin gta 5

3. Michael is best used when you have to shoot enemies from the distance.

Just activate his bullet-time power, and start linking those sweet headshots. When you have to deal with a bunch of people Trevor is the way to do that. His power makes him almost bulletproof for a short time and at the same time his damage is greatly increased. Take the shotgun, get near enemies and just blow them to pieces.

gta5 michael

4. It’s better to have a couple of maximally upgraded weapons than lots of weapons that aren’t upgraded at all.

So, when you acquire a new weapon buy all the upgrades for it. Extended magazine, scope, grip, etc. That way, the weapon is much more powerful, more precise and after all is much more enjoyable to use it. BTW, you should also at all times have some sorts of explosive in your inventory (bombs, rocket launcher or grenade launcher). They will be useful at more occasions that you can think of. Believe me.

gta5 fire weapons

5. When trying to run away from cops change your vehicle as often as possible

We all know that the cops can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. So when they are on your tail the best and easiest way to lose them is to just go in some narrow and well-hidden side alley and change your vehicle, if you find one. If there aren’t any vehicles there well, rinse and repeat until you do find one. It’s better than driving to the pay ‘n’ spray, because there are just a couple of them in the town, and on the other side the city is full of well-secluded side alleys where you can usually find at least one parked car.

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Install this GTA5 mod that adds online random events to the single player.

It will make the world livelier, and you will have more things to do while playing the campaign.

gta 5 online random events



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Written by Goran Damnjanovic, follow him on Facebook.

  • Anonymous

    Personally I like to have lots of crazy weapons over having them a few upgraded ones because the diversity makes the game more fun and it’s just part of gta for me

  • Shelly789

    I hardly ever following the story mode. I like to run around doing random stuff. Does anyone else do this? My brother likes to do all the questing.

    • John

      Yeah, Shelly, I like doing that too and you know I’ve completed almost 99% of this SUPERIOR game 🙂 Now I’m passing online missions with my friends, that;s really nice to play with friends!

  • John

    BTW these tips are very useful for beginners, nice review.

  • Shelly789

    I have not played online with my friends before. That is a really good idea. I will definitely have to try that. Thanks for the ideas John!

  • P0W_______________P0W

    I love the Endeavour mod menu. I enjoy running around in the police uniform. It is hilarious running around in it. The peoples reactions are priceless.