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Ori and the Blind Forest ( Tips and Tricks)

So here are some tips that can make you better at restoring the ancient forest and fight the invaders that are trying to hinder you in doing that.

1. First you must carefully plan your every action.

The game is already hard and if you play in a mindless try, fail and repeat kind of way, you will not be very successful in it. See what kind of challenge is put before you, think about the best way to overcome it, see what abilities you have that can help you in that and only then try to overcome it. Yes, you will probably fail at first couple of times but if you plan your actions in a thoughtful manner you will soon realize that the puzzles and enemies are not tough as they seemed at the first glance.

2. Save your game in between the harder challenges.

In other words, because you have a limited amount of saves to make, save the game at the entrances of the new areas, before some tougher level parts, and after you overcome some particularly challenging obstacle.

3. Choose carefully what abilities you unlock.

Because the skill tree is divided into three parts you can’t unlock all of the abilities. So, think about your playing style and choose abilities according to that. If you must kill every enemy you encounter, go for the fighting skills, if you want to find all the hidden areas and to save more often choose passive skills, and if your playing style is to avoid enemies that don’t have to be killed then active skills like double jump and ability to jump off the walls sounds like a good idea.

4. Revisit the areas that you’ve already traversed.

All of the areas have hidden segments that are hard to discover on the first playthrough, or they are unavailable and demand from you to use some skills that you didn’t had at the time. After you invest some skill points and unlock some sweet new moves revisit them and try to find them this time. They usually hide a fair amount of experience points, and in some of them you will even find skill points, so it is recommended to visit levels more than once, it will take some of your time, but you will usually be appropriately awarded for that.

5. Check the map often.

Because the levels are so big, it is easy to get lost in them and the path you find to take you back will not always be the fastest one. Look at the map, and find all the available routes that will take you back to the beginning of a level and chose the one that is shortest or the one that looks like it’s not fully explored because maybe it hides some hidden areas and/or rewards.

6. Try to evade the enemies that you already have beaten.

If you get back to an area you already explored it is better to avoid enemies if you can because they will generally give you much less experience points for beating them, and it will also take more time to kill them again than to just pass around them.
I know that these tips aren’t some huge revelations that can make your skills hugely improve, but at least they will make playing of Ori and the Blind Forest a slightly more enjoying and rewarding experience.


Written by Goran Damnjanovic, follow him on Facebook.

  • Valleygirl

    I started playing this game due to the beautiful graphics, they are just awe inspiring. Thank you for supplying tips & tricks, they will help me greatly.

  • L0lL0l

    I heard there was going to be another expansion this year. I could not find any details about it. Do you have any information about it?