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Ori and the Blind Forest – A Review

4 years of development with almost none of the promotion and hype that usually surrounds new games. A new team that calls itself Moon Studios and their first game that is a masterpiece in terms of story, gameplay, and graphics. Sounds hard to believe? Well, if you saw and played Ori and the Blind Forest you probably can confirm that something like that is actually possible to accomplish, and in today’s world where games get overhyped and ultimately become a huge disappointment (did somebody say Watch Dogs?) this game is a much-needed breath of fresh air.

 In its core, Ori is a fantastic 2d platformer, which can be compared to recent Rayman titles. But this game has that sweet mechanic of leveling up and acquiring new abilities along with fairly large open world map that is comprised out of many areas that are seamlessly interconnected, something that is trademark of classic Metroidvania games. That alone is enough to make this title alluring to play but wait, there’s more. Fantastic graphics makes the game look like some painting that came to life right in front of your eyes. Gorgeous environments combined with the amazing design of enemies and other game characters make hard to believe that this game is made using the Unity engine! Well, I guess that Unity had come a long way since it was first choice for development of mobile games and something that would make you turn away from any game using it because of its limited technical possibilities and poor optimization. But since this game I will not be instinctively negatively biased anymore to games that are made using this technology (I’m looking at you Wasteland 2).

The story is basically a fairy tale in which your character (Ori) gets ripped off the Spirit Tree during a big storm. He gets adopted by a creature that is called Naru, and after an event that made forest to slowly decline and wither Naru dies of starvation and Ori is alone again. His task becomes restoring the forest to her former glory by recovering the light of the three main elements. It’s a heartbreaking tale of friendship, life and fight against the dark, and everyone that has some compassion in them will be touched by it.

Aside from the beautiful graphics that make Ori and the Blind Forest artistic wonder, gameplay is also something to adore.  Controls are slick and precise allowing you to do exactly what you want but bear in mind that doesn’t mean that the game is easy. Each action must be carefully planned because even the slightest mistake will probably result in a quick death of the main character.

Trial and error mechanic is not implemented in a way that will ultimately frustrate you and make you to abandon the game, but in a way that rewards you for accurately perform actions that are needed to overcome the obstacles that get in your way. You collect experience and get skill points which are used for acquiring new abilities needed for solving puzzles, overcoming obstacles and unlocking new areas. Abilities are the usual stuff seen in a Metroidvania games (double jump, stronger attacks, etc.), and they are divided into three groups. Combat skills, passive skills and active skills used for overcoming obstacles. As you advance through the game enemies become tougher, obstacles harder, and your skill and reflexes are really going to be put to the test.

All in all the game is beautiful, the gameplay is superb, and the story is well written. So, if you love platformers this game will be perfect for you. If you are not a fan of this type of games, give it a try, because it’s a perfect change from all the shooters and open world AAA games that do not have even a touch of soul in them and are only there to take your money and to make you do a bunch of generic missions with a dull story that you will not be remembering a week after you finish it. This is one of the biggest surprises in 2015 and one of the best and prettiest games that came out in recent years.

Written by Goran Damnjanovic, follow him on Facebook.

  • Valkyrie91

    I have this game on my steam account. The graphics are stunning. I love playing it just for the graphics alone. It is rare that they develop a game that keeps you entertained, but is also beautiful to watch. I will be looking forward to seeing further releases from Moon.

  • Magnolia

    I think I ruined my skill tree. -_-
    Do you know if I can reroll it? I have not figured out how.

  • Valkyrie91

    Hi Magnolia,
    You can not reset your skill tree.
    Just kill a lot of enemies and collect the skill orbs.