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Make It Rain Simoleons ( Fix Your Family Unit in The Sims )

When it comes to The Sims, customizing is half the fun.  Here at Zootgamer we’ve done everything from Sims mod lists to analyzing why the gaming community loves to mod The Sims in the first place. As many Simmers have come to find out, once you’ve chosen your favorite combination of mods, your real battle has just begun. Now you have to actually keep this beautiful family functioning.

Balancing your family unit’s needs in The Sims can be difficult. Between making sure the kids’ homeworks are done, the garden is watered, and the dinner is prepared, you probably forgot to unclog the toilet before your dinner party.

Feelin' green and serene
Feelin’ green and serene

Here is a pro tip for efficiently managing your household’s needs, environment, and bank account : add Sims with specialized roles to your family unit. The same way a player’s team in an RPG or MMORPG may need a dps (high damage do-er), tank, and healer to effectively face all problems that may come their way, a family unit in The Sims has certain core roles that can be spread out among your family members, but will be much more effective if carried out by highly specialized individuals. You need a Sim (or Sims) that excel in making money, at the expense of his or her own needs. You also need a Sim to maintain the ideal habitat for your family to succeed in, this means no source of ‘de-buffs’ (or anything that detracts from your Sims mood) should ever be in your home, and your Sims should be consuming every source of positive skill-building boosts they can get (like excellent quality food made with the freshest produce from your Sim’s perfectly maintained garden, the finest music, and the yummiest drinks), every bit counts for maximizing your Sim’s skills and providing the foundation for an even stronger next generation.


Start by creating your main family like normal, except try not to make the family too large, as you will need to add a few more sims to best balance out your family’s life. It is best not to give your main family skills that will be mostly used by the specialized Sims that will be living with your family. For example, the biggest benefit to being “neat” is the boost it provides when your sim is cleaning, since one of your helpers will be doing the cleaning, there is no reason to waste your main family’s valuable personality trait space on a trait like “neat”, unless of course, you just really want that particular Sim to be a neat-freak.


Next it’s time to make at least one of each of the following roles for your Sim family, you can make more than one of a certain role if you think more of the benefit it provides is needed. For example, if your main focus is your family’s current bank account, you may want to create a few more Workers to help keep the money flow going strong. If you have a very large house and garden to maintain, or lots of children to care for, you may need a few more Helpers. (see below for details):


The Help (House Maintainer)

“Free room and board and all I have to do is cook, tidy up, and watch your kids from time to time? Sign me up!” 


Provides : Immense mood benefits, in the way of a perfectly maintained habitat for your Sims to thrive in.

Main skills to build : handiness, cooking, gardening, mixology

Best personality traits for the job : neat, creative, perfectionist, family oriented (family oriented should only be chosen if it is to be a Sim related to your family by blood, like a caring grandmother)

Best aspiration for the job : Fabulously Wealthy will be obtained without any additional action needed on your part if your family is functioning properly, so it’s considered one of the best go-to aspirations in the game.

Core tasks :

  • Repair the family’s sinks, toilets, fridges, TVs, computers, everything and anything that needs a-fixin’
  • Clean anything not easily taken care of by the “god hand”
  • Cook a supply of the highest quality meals possible in the fridge
  • Maintain a garden to grow the highest quality ingredients possible for your meals
  • Help children with homework so they finish faster
  • Bonus : A great host during planned events

Benefits for the Sim :

  • This Sim is not to be assigned a formal career, if daily tasks are complete, they can be played as normal (meaning they can potentially build relationships and fulfill their own wants and dreams in life, get married, eventually move out if you grow tired of them, etc)



The Worker (Creative Money Maker)

You’re the cheapest room they could find, they claim they’re just renting the room until their work starts to sell more copies.

creative money maker worker painter writer sims

Provides : Financial benefits, steady stream of simoleons.

Main skills to build : writing or painting

Best personality traits for the job : creative, perfectionist, loner, ambitious, art lover or book worm

Best aspiration for the job : Illustrious Author is the obvious choice if your worker Sim will be a writer, and Painter Extraordinaire for your artists. You can expect your writers/painters to be very close to level 10 in their careers before reaching middle age adult if your Sim’s lifespans are set to long.

Core tasks :

  • Pick between the writing and painting skills
  • Assign this Sim the career that relates to the skill you chose
  • Outside of going to work, write or paint nonstop, maintaining their mood just enough to keep crafting
  • Books and paintings should be moved to a normal member of the family’s inventory before selling, so that they get the benefit of that action

Benefits for the Sim :

  • A maxed out writing or painting skill means this Sim also has a high chance of becoming rich when moving out one day and creating a successful family of their own. Not to mention their bookshelf is filled with amazing books, and their walls with masterpiece artwork.


I like to blend these roles into the background story of my main family, they may be hiring a super-nanny (helper) or renting out a room to a mysterious writer (worker). Also, try not to take this guide too seriously, I may be the only one who plays The Sims this way 😉

There are more specialized role combos out there for your family units in The Sims, they all involve maximizing the benefits of a specific set of personality traits and skills to get the most out of your Sim. With the addition of Sims that carry out their specific specialized roles, the game mechanics of your Sims family will be better managed and you can focus on what really matters, your story.


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Written by Puff, a.k.a. Jean

A lifelong gamer, master healer, and freelance writer that’s currently making a home of Florida. Follow her on Twitter @PuffTheHealer for the occasional game related rant. Click here to find her articles on Zootgamer.

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    good idea I usually make some sort of nanny/maid but didnt think to have a dedicated simoleon generator on my team before lol

    • zootgamer

      “Dedicated Simoleon Generator”, haha! That’s one catchy job title!