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Heroes of the Storm Welcomes The Skeleton King ( New Video, Tips and Tricks)



Careful Diablo, the beloved King Leoric has finally arrived at the Nexus. 

One of Diablo’s unlucky victims, the corrupted King Leoric, is better known these days as the Skeleton King, and he’s STILL thirsty for revenge.

Blizzard has just announced the arrival of a new playable warrior hero for the newest moba on the block, Heroes of the Storm. Our first impression, is well, impressed. Not only does Leoric remain playable after his death as a ghost, similar to Uther, but Leoric can slow his enemies while he’s dead, and will teleport to his ghost body immediately after resurrection. Insane as this sounds, Leoric can do much more. Detailed information about the new hero is below :



Trait : Undying

Leoric remains on the battlefield after death as a ghost that can slow his enemies, as well as lower his own death timer. When his death timer completes he immediately resurrects at his ghost position.



Primary Abilities

Skeletal Swing : Leoric swings in a huge arch that deals tremendous damage. This ability automatically does double damage to minions. Can still be used while dead to slow enemy heroes.

Wraith Walk : Leoric leaves his body in place as his ghostly wraith form, also becoming upstoppable, meaning move impairing effects won’t effect him. The position where his wraith ends, is where his physical body will instantly teleport to when the ability expires.

Drain Hope : Leoric grabs his enemy’s soul, dealing damage while healing the duration of the spell. While using this lifesteal ability, you can use other attacks and abilities at the same time. Can still be used while dead to lower your own death timer.



Heroic Abilities

Entomb : Can raise a wall around the target area. This wall prevents blocks movement for both enemies and allies.

March of the Black King : Deal massive damage in a straight path, healing for every enemy hero hit in the path.



Bonus Tips : 


  • While Leoric the Skeleton King may be playable after death, your enemy will still get full XP for killing him, so you still shouldn’t take those deaths lightly.
  • Cursed Hollows is an amazing map for this hero, his Entomb ability makes maps that require capturing a stationary point dangerous for any enemies with low mobility. He can position himself directly on the tribute upon resurrection, and even help out the team fights with his slows in the meantime.
  • The ability to slow after death can be a real life saver for your fleeing teammates, teleporting to the place on the map they’re trying to escape can gain you a easy kill if their pursuant was already weakened.
  • Leoric’s abilities for great for groups of enemies grouped together in clump, his AOE swing and Entomb heroic ability can easily change the tide of battle if the enemy team is careless. As Blizzard puts it, he “excels at controlling the space around him”.




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    Thanks for you review! Very informative. I look forward to testing out King Loric’s abilities for myself.

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    All hail Skeleton King Leoric. He kicks butt! He looks amazing.
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