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Hearthstone’s Next Expansion : The Grand Tournament

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Blizzard has finally announced the release of a second expansion for their free-to-play card game, and we think it’s going to shake things up quite a bit in the world of Hearthstone.

The Grand Tournament

The August release of The Grand Tournament is expected to bring with it 132 brand new cards, which will include everything from spells, pirates, dragons, and giants, to powerful new weapons. It doesn’t end with new cards though, a new card mechanic (like charge, spell damage, taunt, etc) has been announced : Inspire.

A card with ‘Inspire’ has additional card text alongside it, which is activated whenever you use your hero power. The effects can be anything from drawing cards to causing additional damage. See the newly revealed cards below for an example of a few cards that will include the ‘Inspire’ mechanic.

There is also a new tournament themed game board that’s sure to be filled with all sorts of interesting click interactions you can use to pass the time while your opponent ‘lets the rope burn’, so to speak.

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The New Cards Released…So Far!

frost giantlock and load skycap'n krag coldarra drake maiden of the lake







nexus champion lowly squire







Have a favorite class you’re dying to see more of? Hearthstone players can vote for the next cards to be revealed on the official The Grand Tournament site.

A pre-purchase sale has also been announced, you can get your hands on 50 packs, and an exclusive Grand Tournament cardback, for the heavily discounted price of $49.99. Remember though, cardpacks can still only be opened the day the new expansion is released.

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An Arena Makeover

The Arena experience is also getting a much-needed update, you will no longer only receive Goblin vs Gnomes cards for your card pack prizes, you will have the chance to win any of the available card packs. This should really help players that have complained of the difficulty in filling out their card collection through Arena alone.


A Quick Recap

New cards, new mechanics, new game board, new card backs, new possibilities in Arena, means awesome new experiences lay in store for fans of Hearthstone. The Grand Tournament is going to change the way you play Hearthstone : Heroes of Warcraft, and if Blizzard can keep fresh updates like these coming, Hearthstone is going to be a strong player in the card game arena for a long time to come. Check back here on Zootgamer often for new updates and pictures as the new The Grand Tournament cards are revealed.


Written by Puff, a.k.a. Jean

A lifelong gamer, master healer, and freelance writer that’s currently making a home of Florida. Follow her on Twitter @PuffTheHealer for the occasional game related rant. Click here to find her articles on Zootgamer.

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  • Peni_95

    I never played Hearthstone, as I thought a card game would be boring. With the new editions, I might try it.