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Fifa 15 (Our Top 7 Tips and Tricks)

Let’s see what you can do and what you can change in your approach that will make you better at Fifa.

1. First of all, let’s talk about defense. 

Be fully concentrated when you are defending, try to predict what your will opponent attempt to do next, wait for the perfect moment to tackle, and if you see that the rival player is going to surpass your defender and have a clean path to your goal a smart thing to do is to foul him. Yes, you will probably get a yellow card but that is still better than a ball in you net. Practice setting up an offside trap, it can be very useful although it’s a risky move, do this only when you are certain that you’re gonna succeed.

2. Never start a game with the default starting lineup. 

In Fifa, the default starting lineups can be problematic in a way that the best players are not always in a starting eleven, or even on the bench. Some teams have really awful default lineups in which some of the better players are left in the reserves. So, check the formation, change it if necessary and double check the reserves because some of the most useful players can be seen there.

3. Check the detailed stats. 

Oh this player has 85 rating and the one that plays on the same position has only 81, so I will put that weaker player on the bench. Well, it isn’t always like that. Some players may have high ratings but if you look in the detailed stats you will see, for example, that your attacker have better defensive stats and better aggression, but is really slow and don’t have high enough technique in comparison to the other, so in the end it’s probably better if you leave that 85 guy on the bench and place the 81 guy in the starting lineup. So, when you’re selecting players for the starting lineup higher rating doesn’t automatically means better player. You can also look at the player abilities diagram which visually presents skills in six most important fields and is excellent to look at when you’re compare two teammates.

4. Choose teams which have team tactics that best suit your style of play.

If you like to play with many counter attacks, chose team with fast, agile and technically capable players, if your game is based on strength choose a team with tall and strong players that have good heading accuracy and jumping stats. If you like to slowly build up your play, pick a team that has a couple of skillful midfielders which also have high shooting and finishing stats. You get the idea, you are choosing a team to play with, the team is not choosing you, remember that.

5. Be patient while choosing when to take a shot at goal. 

Look if you have a teammate that is in better position to score than your current player, or if you have a clean path to the goal. Don’t rush with the shoot, do a couple of feints, try to pass that annoying last defender, try to provoke him to make a foul (free kick is always a good chance to score in Fifa), if you don’t have any options pass the ball back, it’s better than to lose the possession.

6. Learn to play perfectly with just a couple of teams.

Fifa is a simulation, so it’s natural that most of the teams have their own unique tactics. It’s better to really know how to play with a dozen of teams than to be mediocre with all of them. Learn their strengths and weaknesses; discover which playing style is best with each of the teams you play with. Try to play against different opponents and discover which team is best to choose in different situations.

7. All in all, be creative and don’t despair if you are having a losing streak. 

Maybe you’re just not yet found a team that is perfect for you!

Written by Goran Damnjanovic, follow him on Facebook.