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Far Cry 4 (Tips and Tricks)

Far Cry 4, the newest entry in the long-running franchise was one of the last year’s best games and its open-world mechanic with ton of stuff to do have again proven to be the winning formula of modern game design.


The game has flaws (radio towers anyone!?) but even with them it’s one enjoyable and exciting ride. If you play the game this text can help you to be better while battling with Pagan Min’s forces and riding elephants in Kyrat.

Since we already mentioned elephants there’s one thing you need to know about them. Although in the early game footage elephants looked like just another marketing trick to make the game more diverse and different than its predecessor, they are actually very useful. You should invest some skill points and unlock the ability to ride elephants as soon as possible because they’re basically walking tanks with enormous amount of health which makes them very hard to kill and also they have the ability to hit your opponents which is a nice bonus.
Stealth is the key to success.

Many missions in this game can be much easier when you approach them from stealth angle. Capturing an outpost can be much more enjoying when you take couple of guys from a nearby hill with a silenced sniper rifle, then come a little closer and throw a couple of baits to lure down predator animals to attack the outpost. After that just kill the remaining enemies with a bow, some silenced SMG, or with a takedown and that is all. You won’t trigger any alarms, there will be fewer enemies to fight with and you will save some precious time because the job will be done much faster.
Loot, Loot, Loot.

Pick up everything that can be looted because you can earn money from almost all items, and in this way money will never be a problem because every enemy has something that you can sell. With that said you should upgrade your loot bag early in the game since having a bigger bag from the start will make you rich very fast.
Crafting is very important.

It can be tedious, but hunting animals and crafting items from their pelts will make the game easier for you, especially early on. Just see what you lack the most (bigger wallet for storing more money, or maybe larger ammo bag because you’re constantly in the need for more bullets, etc.) and go on the hunt. This is especially important in the case of the weapon holster because having 3 different weapons in addition to one sidearm can save your life in many occasions and it’s great to have different options in front of you when going on a mission or when liberating the outpost (For example silenced sniper and SMG for stealth approach with RGP or grenade launcher as an insurance for the moment when things go in the chaotic direction).
Use the gyrocopter.

The addition of the gyrocopter is one of the best (if not the best) things in Far Cry 4. That form of transport is vastly superior to all the others. You can quickly travel from one part of the map to another, water and hills are not a problem when traveling that way and destroying cars with grenade launcher while flying is so awesome that it cannot be illustrated with words.


And as a bonus here is one quick tip: heavies have one weak point and that point is the back of their head. If you shoot them while they facing you back first that can be an easy headshot kill!


Thanks for reading, now go back to Kyrat and shoot some things.
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Written by Goran Damnjanovic, follow him on Facebook.

  • Palazz_77

    I am new to the Far Cry Franchise, I am not up to number 4 yet, but with your tips I will fly through in no time. Thanks!

  • Jedi

    This game is flipping awesome, it is such a good time waster, but it is so good and fun to play. I love playing these games.