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A Quick Guide To Becoming a Better Support Player In Heroes of the Storm

brightwing and lili support hots  Positioned at the back of all the action and rarely taking any credit, support players take care of their team, heal them and make sure that they are in a better position to win the game. Often blamed for the loss and rarely thanked for the win, support players are the unsung heroes of MOBAs or pretty much every game in general.

With Heroes of the Storm, though, everything changes. While the game’s few support characters are still primarily healers, they do bring a lot more to the table than just healing. Li Li, for example, is a fun character to play – so much that you won’t even realize that you’re playing support for your team. If you plan on taking up the support role anytime soon, then I suggest you do some reading and scroll down below.

Priority #1 – Providing Active Support

In Heroes of the Storm, not every support hero has a healing spell. But, they do have some form of support spell or something close to healing to compensate. A good example is Tassadar and his ability to give his teammates a shield, making DPS heroes more durable and bulky tanks even uh .. tankier. Now, as a support player, you’re the one who’s tasked to always keep tabs on what your teammates are doing and to some extent, your enemy. If you’re playing Uther, you’ll want to pay close attention to the other team so you can minimize the damage of their big attacks. As Li Li, you’ll have to make it a point to use Blinding Wind on the opposing team’s DPS heroes in every team fight. Remember, you just can’t heal and watch from the sides. You have to pay close attention to everything that is happening.

uther hots
As if his heals and invulnerability ability isn’t amazing enough, Uther can stun as well!

Priority #2 – Buffs, Buffs, Buffs

Buffs are support spells that benefits an allied hero whenever it is cast on them. Li Li has Cloud Serpent for increased damage output, Malfurion has Innvervate to replenish Mana, Uther can cast a Protective Shield and so on and so forth. As a support player, it’s best to adjust your play style depending on your hero build, who your teammates are and the map you’re playing in. As always, keep a close eye on your teammate and use any supportive spell or buff you may have to help. A quick spell or two could easily mean the difference between winning or losing a clash.

Priority #3 – Manage Your Mana

If your team’s assassin loses mana, it could mean less damage, but if you lose mana, it could spell death for your team. The lack of support spells in the middle of the battle is going to make it easy for the opposing team to just walk right over yours. As such, you’ll always want to keep a close eye on your mana. Even more important is to replenish, especially before heading any of the major objectives begin.

tyrande hots
Don’t get too greedy! Teleport back to base if you need more mana, you’ll thank us later.

Priority #4 – Position Yourself to Stay Alive At All Times

As a support hero, you’ll want to position yourself properly so that enemy teams won’t be able to easily single you out in a team fight. This is because you’ll always going to be their main focus. Save from your crucial buffs and heal spells, you’re also going to have much lower health, hence making you much easier to kill.As you play more games as a support player, try to analyze each situation and learn from any mistakes or deaths. You’ll soon realize that more than a few of your deaths were easily avoidable if only you knew when to stay back to support your teammates and when to run away.

Each support hero plays differently from another and because of how each game may play differently from another because of the skill build, you may want to practice a handful of games with one support hero first before moving on to another. Sooner or later, you’re going to learn how big of a responsibility a support hero has and how it takes commitment, good judgement and quick reaction times to be one of the better support players around.

Written by Ray Ian Ampoloquio

  • Aliaz

    Great guide, i was fed up playing a supporting role for my team but now i am very hopeful i can do better

  • Salazar

    Playing a support role as Lili makes you proud in front of your team mates…. thanks for your suggestions

  • Sasha

    The most important thing is when to offer your support, i at times rushed on to give support to my team mates but really you are right it does more damage then doing good

  • kiera

    great tips for the supporting players,, keep it up

  • Salome

    I love playing a supporting role, but the players playing with me every time ask for more, the game developers should think about giving more skills to Uther

  • Gabrial

    well i always ask my supportive players to think more critically…..they should read this

  • Monica

    Lili is a great character to work with……the game just full of adventure

  • Jasmine

    After reading your guide I realize I am a bad support player. Thank you for some guidance, I will aim to do better.

  • Liz_tha_Wiz

    I am a big WOW person. Is this game similar to WOW or something completely different?
    I am assuming raids do not have your DPS, healer and a tank. Please correct me if I am wrong, but we have a tank and support players, who are like a DPS & healer rolled into one.
    Could you have a set healer? Would that work?
    Any ideas would be appreciated, I am trying to decide if I want to play or not.