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Why The Witcher 3 Was Worth The Wait

Getting my hands on The Witcher 3 has been something I’ve been dreaming about for a while now. I was a fan of both, the original and the sequel. Now after having spent some time with The Witcher 3 I can say I love all 3.

If you haven’t played any of the Witcher games before or are still on the fence about buying the latest one. Let me give you a few reasons why you should crack open your wallet, and go get it.

1) Open World Done Right

Open world games can really be a hit or miss these days. So many publishers make the mistake of assuming that bigger is better, and in the process they stretch the world so thin, it doesn’t have any substance. The Witcher 3 doesn’t suffer this problem as Temeria a lush and beautiful world that is filled with interesting quests, and scenery.

The graphics are beautiful to look at it, even if there are some occasional glitches that will hopefully be ironed out in future patches. To say the Witcher 3 is massive would be an understatement, as some estimates put doing all the content in 200hr plus range. This kind of open world polish is especially impressive when you consider this is CD Projekt’s first open world game.

2) Moral Choice

The Witcher games have always had a moral choice system, but the way CD Projekt has integrated it into The Witcher 3 is really impressive. The smallest choice can have ramifications later down the line, and you won’t even realize it. For example in one quest you can choose to aid Trish Merigold in helping some persecuted mages escape a city.

A benevolent act on the surface, but someone who is going to have to pay for that choice. It’s this kind of unexpected cause and effect that add real meaning to the decisions you make.

3) Monster Hunting

Hunting down and killing monsters is the reason Witchers exists at all, and this is taken to the nex level with monster hunting quests. Some of these quests are required for the main storyline, and others are optional.

Geralt can use his Witcher Sense to track monsters, and the in-game bestiary provides you the information you need to slay the beast.

You should be careful though as monsters don’t scale to the player level, and wandering into the wrong area to early is a one-way ticket to a quick death.

4) Engaging Side Quests

Veteran RPG players know just how monotonous side quests can get, but I’m glad to say that The Witcher 3 really knocked it out of the park in this area. Every side quest I played had an interesting story component, and it was easy to get distracted from the main plot.

I didn’t once run into the dreaded “fetch quest” that are so plentiful in other open world games.

5) Armor and Weapon Customization 

This kind of customization has never been a huge part of Witcher universe, but I’m glad it’s finally getting the attention it deserves. The Witcher 3 offers interesting sets of different armors, and weapons that can be used to customize Geralt’s appearance.

While undoubtedly there are other games with more customization options, I still think CD Projekt made a respectable effort to give fans a way to customize Geralt’s appearance to suit their own needs.
The modding community, of course, has already started working on new armor designs and given a little time I think Geralt is going to have quite the wardrobe to choose from.

6) Complex Crafting System

The crafting system is The Witcher 3 has gotten mixed reviews, and I can understand why. There are a ton of ingredients that can be found, and your inventory will rapidly fill up if you’re not careful.

Crafting recipes require between 2-6 components to work and finding yourself missing that one ingredient can be extremely frustrating. With that said I enjoy a crafting system with some depth, but this is definitely a topic where opinions vary.

7) Gwent 

This card collecting mini-game is really fun to play, and it’s kind of annoying really. How am I suppose to care about some villager being murdered when they are cards to collect? There is already a standalone mod out there that will let you play Gwent outside of The Witcher 3.

Personally I think this is one best uses of modding I’ve ever seen. With all that said, if you’ll now excuse me I know there are cards still hiding in the Northern Realms I need to collect.

Written by Lucas Capps

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  • Valkyrie91

    Thank you so much for your review on “Witcher 3”. I have been on the fence. I adored “Witcher 2”, but I have heard so many bad things about “Witcher 3”. Since reading your review, I think I am going to have to buy it. I am really excited about the lack of “fetch quests”, I find they can be repetitive and boring.
    Thanks again

  • John

    Just started playing Witcher 3 and this review was very good intro for me. After completing Witcher 2 in 5 months I’m sure this one is also very good planned and gameplay will take even more time to complete 🙂

  • Bambi

    Hi John,
    Would you recommend “Witcher 3”,considering I am a “Witcher 2” fan? Have you had any issues with broken quests?

    • Anonymous

      I think I’m the only person in the room that liked the second Witcher better than the new one :/