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Phantom Pain or Phantom Shame: Will MGS5 Live Up To The Hype?

In less than three months, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will hit store shelves. I’ve been a Metal Gear fan for over ten years, starting with the original MGS for PS1, so naturally, I’m excited. I’ve watched trailers and gameplay footage, so I can see how much effort’s being put developing the game. It will definitely end the series with a bang, provided Konami doesn’t milk out more games without Hideo Kojima. 

So many details have been announced, but there are still so many we don’t know about. Here are my top five burning questions and wants for the game: 

I Want it To Wrap Up All Unanswered Questions (As Much as it Can, Anyway)

Metal Gear Solid, despite having a deep plot, is known for having retcons, especially in its prequels. For those who don’t know, retcons are when they take previously established information and change it with no explanation. For example, never in the series has it said that Big Boss lost his arm, yet he had in The Phantom Pain. Same with Kaz and his missing limbs. Also, Big Boss never has had a giant scar from where a massive piece of shrapnel penetrated his brain. Will they address these points by the end? We’ll have to find out.

 I Want Engaging Boss Fights 

One thing you can expect in MGS is amazing bosses. From having to switch your controller ports to defeat Psycho Mantis to having a sniper showdown with The End, it hasn’t disappointed, at least in the main entries. Peace Walker’s boss fights were a bit iffy for me. With The Phantom Pain’s new engine, I hope to see bosses that will blow my mind.

I Want Controversy

Metal Gear Solid is known for having controversial themes and philosophy. In Ground Zeroes, we saw the infamous scene involving Paz’s second bomb, and throughout the series, there have been story elements that have sparked discussion, such as the Patriots controlling everything. Kojima has promised for The Phantom Pain to be even more taboo, and hopefully, it makes me cringe.

I Want a Full Gameplay Experience 

The Phantom Pain promises a large, open world with more strategy and stealth than the previous titles, and I hope it delivers. I want to spend hours as Big Boss, not just watch a bunch of cutscenes. And for the love of God, don’t divide the game into DLC.

I Want a Cameo from David Hayter

You knew this was coming. David Hayter has been the voice of Solid Snake in the Metal Gear franchise, and also the voice of Big Boss, the man who Snake was cloned from, in most of the games starring him. However, for MGSV, they decided to replace his voice with professional actor Keifer Sutherland. It’s a bit to hear at first, but I get why. Hideo wanted to separate Big Boss from Solid Snake character-wise, and it doesn’t help when both characters sound the same. Plus, Big Boss is supposed to be older and wiser, so the change makes sense. But since this is the supposed final entry, I hope to see Hayter in the game in some way. His odd Twitter behavior is fueling speculation, after all. I can imagine him in the game’s epilogue voicing Solid Snake, as they reenact the confrontation in the original Metal Gear.

Even if The Phantom Pain doesn’t deliver on my hopes, it’s still going to be one of the biggest games of the year, and I can’t wait to dive into the rich world of Metal Gear one last time.

  • J3sus_walks

    I am an eager beaver for this game
    I have preordered mine from EB.
    I am currently playing Peace Walker then will play Ground Zeroes to relive the fun