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Battlefield Of Eternity Places HoTS Firmly On The MOBA Map (Guide + PTR Video)

Blizzard’s new Battefield of Eternity, containing elements inspired by some of the most beautifully done settings in Diablo 3, has found it’s way into the Nexus. If you have not had a chance to play it yet, or are not quite a fan of playing in Heroes’ Public Test Realm, you’re missing out. (Well, not really, just until June 30th, when the patch is released!) Keep reading to find out why the latest addition to Heroes of the Storm will surprise you (in a great way).

A New Map With More Than A Fresh Coat

One half is angelic, one half demonic, all classic Diablo. This purely cosmetic division of the lanes creates an interesting visual effect as you creep closer towards the enemy gate, inching forward wave by wave, their alien environment invading your screen, as you and your minions are finally upon their towers. It really feels like you are going into enemy territory and wreaking havoc on their beloved buildings. The minions and mercenaries have both been given a makeover, with newly designed creepy demons and their dogs scattered on both sides of the map. Personally I was hoping for some mercenary angels with little wings, but there is still some time before the patch is released for all that, and who knows what last minute touches will be added.

As for actual game-play strategy, it’s important to remember that the map is two lanes, just like the Haunted Mines, except on this map there is a third gate/tower for each team’s center (there’s only one inner one per team), just without laning minions. Once the enemy team has passed level 15, you do not want to make the mistake of letting them sneak through your middle gate while your team is wiped. You really do not want to make that mistake.

Another neat feature of Battlefield of Eternity is the way it’s center is reserved solely for it’s event.

The boss event of this map is a bit different from the maps that have been released thus far, try imagining a fast paced boss battle reminiscent of World of Warcraft but much more simplified, and in true Heroes style, with both teams engaged in each other as well as their respective bosses. Each boss is a huge immortal god, one from the heavens, one from the fiery pits of Hell, both with a thirst for the other’s death. You want to destroy the enemy’s  god as quickly as you can, because only ONE boss will go on to destroy the other team’s fort and towers.

New Treasure Goblin Quests

Try not to breathe in gold dust.

So far this quest is marked “special event” in the Player Test Realm, you must “kill one Treasure Goblin”. Hovering over the quest provides no clues, so just head into a game (AI or human).While it loads cross your fingers and hope that you are lucky enough to hear the beloved Deckard Cain’s voice announcing the presence of a treasure goblin upon loading, and his suggestion that you best kill him, quickly! After a short game of cat and mouse, you’ll find yourself 100 gold more rich than you were when you started the game, and the gates have not even opened.

After playing Battlefield of Eternity a relieved feeling may wash over you, “It’s good to know I have been playing the beta all along”, has crossed my mind.

While there’s still a TON Blizzard can do with Heroes’ mechanics to set it apart from the other popular Free-To-Play MOBAs we have to choose from, Battlefield of Eternity is a solid step in the right direction towards ensuring Heroes success within the Blizzard family. For the rest of the maps to be released in HoTS’ “Eternal Conflict” series, consider the bar raised.


He has a thing for gold-handled swords…don’t ask.

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Written by Puff, a.k.a. Jean

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