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A Guide That’s Going To Make You RICH In The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3, a behemoth of a game and one of the biggest candidates for GOTY title, came out a month ago, you can check out our full review on The Witcher 3. So far one of the biggest problems for new gamers, other then the occasional bugs and glitches that prevent some side quests being finished, is the constant threat of a lack of money that inhibits you from buying all the expensive weapons, armor and upgrades you so desperately need… especially in the early parts of the game. In this guide, you can read about ways to make your coin pouch heavy with florens.

Convert money at the Vivaldi’s bank in Novigrad.

As soon as you finish the prologue in White Orchard and go to the Velen – No Man’s Land region go to Novigrad. You will need to have a pass to be able to go through the border post that blocks access to   Novigrad, which you can acquire in a couple of ways. One option is to finish “Woodland Beast” contract. You will find the contract on the notice board that’s located near the border post. After you finish it go to the guard that’s guarding the post, he will recognize you and let you go through.

Another way is to finish “fake papers” quest, but that’s gonna cost you 100 crowns, or fifty if you use axii sign on the quest giver. When you finally go to Novigrad, travel to the Hierarch Square and there you will find Vivaldi’s bank (it is located left of the Hierarch Square signboard on the map, marked with pouch icon). There you can exchange currencies that merchants don’t accept; the Orens and Florens. This way you can quickly get some extra cash (around 1000 Crowns) if you completed most of the tasks found in White Orchard.

Be a hamster.

First, you have to take every item that is worth something. Loot every object that holds items (crates, boxes, barrels, etc.) and after every fight sweep dead bodies clean of all their belongings. You have to develop a hoarding approach when you are playing this game, or any other RPG to be honest, because picking up everything that has some value and selling it later is one of the fundamental rules of most RPGs including this one. Tip: search areas with your witcher sense to find loot-able objects. They usually have an orange glow around them.

Be careful about where you sell items, especially if they have high value.

In The Witcher 3 different merchants will give you different prices depending on which type of item you are trying to sell. If you want to sell armor, look for the armorer, because they offer higher prices for selling armor and armor upgrades. Weapon-smiths will give you more money for weapons, herbalists for herbs, and the alchemist for ingredients that are used in alchemy.

You should avoid selling items to regular merchants (they are marked on the map with a pouch icon) because they will give you least amount of money for almost all types of items. Use them only if you need to get rid of unnecessary items that have a low value (around 80 orens or less) and don’t have the time to visit a specialized vendor. They only offer high prices for animal pelts.

Visit those question marks!

The world of Witcher 3 is filled with Points Of Interest (POI) that are marked with the ? sign. Go explore them, because they usually hide some lost treasure (especially if the marker is over water), monster nests (that are loot-able after you destroy them) or bandit camps which all have some loot crates to plunder. This way you can find a ton of items that are valuable and have a high selling price. Remember to sell more valuable items to specialized vendors. As a bonus, you will find much interesting stuff on your way to POI.

Expand your inventory space.

One of the most important things to look for in the game is better saddlebags for your horse. Many merchants have them and there are three types of them: Regular saddlebags (they upgrade maximum carrying weight +30), Rugged saddlebags (+70 maximum weight) and Zerrikanian saddlebags that give you huge +100 increase in allowed inventory weight. This will expand your inventory space, allowing you to carry much more items, which is useful when you are in the middle of nowhere, have nearly full inventory and find many more stuff to put in it but in the lack of merchant you must throw away less valuable things to make room for new and shiny items you just found.

Complete Witcher contracts.

Witcher contracts are the best quests to do if you are low with money. Reward for completing them is usually between 200 and 300 Crowns, about the same amount of experience points and as a bonus, they offer some of the best in-game monster fights.

As a bonus, monsters usually have some kind of loot crate in their nests which usually contains some valuable item/s. When you go to the contract giver don’t forget to haggle for the completion reward. Typically you can raise the value of the prize for about 20 to 40 percent, just be careful when haggle because if you demand too many Crowns the quest giver can get too annoyed and will refuse to discuss the reward value. In that case, your only option is to accept initial reward rate. Don’t be afraid and try going for the contracts that have recommended level that is a couple (up to 5-6) levels above yours. Just be patient, prepare yourself with potions and blade oils, try to find monster’s weak points, and in most cases triumph will be yours.

Win the High Stakes Gwent tournament.

If you like playing Gwent, a trading card mini-game in the Witcher 3, there is a tournament where you can get a couple of thousand of Crowns if you win. To do that, you must have a really strong Gwent deck, which has many hero and spy cards. I recommend playing with Northern Realms deck, it’s the most balanced deck and have a lot of good spy cards.

That’s just about every tip for earning more money in The Witcher 3 that I know of. By playing this way I have more than 15000 Crowns at some moments, and then I got into a shopping spree which ended with me spending more than two-thirds of that sum on some items that I didn’t really need. A classic example of a person that doesn’t know how to manage his money in video games as well as in real life! Thank you for reading and if you know of some other way to make money in this game, excluding the one where you become a mass murderer of innocent cows, tell us about it in the comments below.

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Written by Goran Damnjanovic, follow him on Facebook.

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