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The Best Sims 4 Mods For The Picky Player – Volume 1

With only vague hints of an Awesomemod for Sims 4 in the works, and Nraas taking a well deserved retirement in Sims 3 modland, many wonder if there is a group of modders talented enough to make the wondrous core-mod custom creations that many Sims 3 players simply couldn’t play without in The Sims 4. As always, Zootgamer is here to shed light on some of the best mods you’ve never heard of, Sims 4 included! From realism to basic gameplay fixes, we’ve got you covered.


Remember, Sims 4 is still very new (relative to Sims 3), and it will take time for modders to create new stuff to download, so check back for continued articles in this series to stay up to date on useful new Sims 4 mods. THESE ARE THE FIRST SIMS 4 MODS TO GET IF YOU’RE LOOKING TO TAKE YOUR VANILLA GAME FROM GOOD TO SIMS-3-STYLE ADDICTING.

No Mosaic by Moxiemason

The un-censor mods are the most popular ones for a reason, the censor block that displays over a (showering/bathing/breastfeeding/streaking/toilet-using/nude) Sim is large and unsightly. This will remove the censor “mosaic” block, and if you do not want to remove it completely, there is even a mod by MasterDinadan that will just shrink the size of the censor, so you’re still just barely covering the most naughty bits.





Date And Destination Party by Zerbu

In the Sims 4, the “throw a party” pop-up menu is replaced by a menu that allows you to host a “social event”, doing certain objectives correctly will lead to a nice reward for your Sims, like shiny new objects unlocked for Buy Mode. Birthday, Dinner, and House Parties are included so far by default, but wouldn’t your Sim like to throw a social event in the bar, lounge, or even library? With this mod you can! A new option will appear in the Social Events menu, with the same options as “House Party”, except you will be able to choose a location as well. The rewards and objectives are very similar to the House Party social event as well for now, according to the creator of this awesome mod.

And with another mod created by Zerbu, your Sims can also now throw a Date Party, a social event similar to a normal “1 on 1” date combined with a house party. Rewards are similar to the ones received for a successful date. In order to use this mod you will first download this mod that unlocks “Date” as a Social Event type also by Zerbu.

Download Destination Party


InTeen 4 Sims 4 by Lostaccount

By the same creator of the famous INTEEN 3 mod and other popular teen woohoo mods for The Sims, InTeen 4 Sims 4 unlocks the grownup romantic actions for the teen age group, including woohoo, pregnancy, and marriage. The creator of this mod has other versions for increased taboo-iness, including polygamy and incest versions, so be sure to look around when you click the download link! If you ever used one of his mods before, or the Nraas Woohooer mod you will love this one.


***Now For A Few Staff Picks***


A few notable mentions from the staff, more interesting/unique/cool creations below!

Indoor Lights Brighter by Kikiwalu

For the many Sims 4 players who find the lighting to be too dim, particularly indoors, this mod will subtly brighten the lights by just the right amount.


Strawberry, Strawberry Cake by Plasticbox

It is bothering to some that although strawberries are an in game ingredient, the strawberry cake requires none…we are among those simmers! This tiny mod will just add strawberry to the ingredients for the strawberry cake.


No Fade Sims And Objects by Shimrod101

Usually when you zoom in very close the game will automatically make certain objects and Sims disappear, we assume, so they’re not “in the way”. With this mod, you can now you can see, up close, the lovely detail on your Sim’s face that you worked 3 hours in CAS to achieve. A must for those creating Sims videos/art/screenshots/etc.



Written by Puff, a.k.a. Jean

A lifelong gamer, master healer, and freelance writer that’s currently making a home of Florida. Follow her on Twitter @PuffTheHealer for the occasional game related rant. Click here to find her articles on Zootgamer.

  • Lady3024

    This is great, I really want to try this mods. Especially the first one – No Mosaic by Moxiemason. It will be like looking at a Barbie.

    • lolol @ it will be like looking at a barbie, pop on a few more skin mods and they won’t, which reminds me, there are some mods I would add to this list from when I first wrote it, the realistic cleavage one, a few personality trait add-ons, etc. I would love a mod that lets you hunt…