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A Gamer Guide For Valentine’s Day Lovers & Friends

Today’s usually about chocolate, candy, flowers, food, movies…but games? Yes, lots and lots of games. The secret to a stress free Valentines Day is plenty of teamwork, laughter, and smiles. It’s an easy game plan, the hardest part is finding the perfect game(s) for the occasion.

Console games are easier to play when the players are sitting very close to one another. Physical closeness is not everything though, PC still has the best graphics around, and there are many great games that aren’t to be found on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Intense action or shooting games with a good story-line combine the entertainment of a movie with the interactivity of a game to keep things interesting without the need for forced conversation.

Warning : The bond forged by epic quest often last a lifetime…romantic or not.
So if you’re single, gather the friends you love most, and celebrate.

For Valentines Day, we’ve come up with a list of games, personality based, to help you enjoy the day :

For the logical, those that enjoy puzzles :

Try Portal 2 if you have not already, the first one is worth playing first if you can. Challenging, stimulating, mind-stretching, are understatements for this brilliant game. Chess has been helping geeks flirt with one another for ages. Take turns playing the Brain Academy series if you own a Wii, it’s probably the most fun way to get smarter we’ve ever seen.

Hardcore MMORPG gamers :

Probably not reading this, farming or raiding in World of Warcraft. BTW, if you want an alternative from the usual WoW route, Darkfall has had some sort of discount for a while, and we actually think Darkfall may be better than WoW.

If you guys love to play Sims :

Since Sims 3 is single player, despite a multiplayer version being the dream of the typical Sims player, try going  instead for a multiplayer experience with a similar simulation feel : Terraria and Starbound both include a more casual, building up gameplay you may enjoy. While different from micro managing a household, building shelter and figuring out how to survive are appealing to many player of the genre.

First Person Shooter Gals/Guys :

Almost any online FPS is going to be multiplayer, Battlefield 4 is a great choice if teamwork and realistic feeling vehicles (jets, airplanes, boats, tanks, etc) sounds appealing versus the more “kill shot competitiveness” of Call of Duty : Ghosts. We recently put together a bunch of tips and tricks for noob farming our favorite map for noobs and pros alike with our free : Operation Locker Pro Guide. If you do play CoD however, the Infestation mode is hours of stimulating entertainment for 2+ players. Another safe choice is always the Left 4 Dead series. Who doesn’t like zombies?

If anyone needs a valentine, zootgamer will be your valentine : Tweet us at @zootgamer , we love you guys!

Do you think playing video games can be romantic? The answer is yes, any day of the year.

Happy Valentines Day!

  • Oz-Kitty

    I played Runescape with my boyfriend. We went questing together. It was lots of fun. We enjoy gaming together.
    The couple that games together,stays together!