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Battlefield 4 : Operation Locker ( Pro Guide ) Keep Noobs On Lockdown


  • So you’ve been playing that Battlefield 4 huh?
  • Do you like Operation Locker as much as we do? 
  • …or do you WANT to like Operation Locker as much as we do?
  • Frustrated because of your team’s constant losing and totally unbalanced matches?
  • Want to play this map so well YOU get reported for hacking once a win? 
  • If you answered yes to any of the above…please read on!


Most of the Battlefield 4 game modes are fantastic with Operation Locker (especially Team DM, Squad DM, Rush, Domination, Conquest)…we’re going to focus on Conquest mode, since that’s the most common mode played with the map, however you can use the information below to master this map with ANY mode.

We’ve pulled together the best tips and tricks to create the ultimate guide for keeping those noobs on 24-7 OPERATION LOCKDOWN. Keep reading to find out which role to choose and when, optimal loadouts, getting and keeping the all important center conquest point before the enemy, plus fast rank up tips.

I. STEP ONE : KNOW Your Role

The top 4 most important roles on a Operation Locker map. While Engineer can certainly score some kills too, as well as other play styles and loadouts with the the roles included below, these were found to be the 4 MOST IMPORTANT to the team overall.

1. Dedicated Medic

The most overused class remains the most incorrectly used.


Use the assault of carbine you are best with.
Magnum or Rex
*Medic Bag or Medic Pack

Your first priority is to revive. Your second is to heal. Your third is to kill. The skill is in accurately balancing your own life preservation with your effectiveness as combat medic. Your team is counting on you! Some say a team is only as good as their medic.

2. Front Line Assault

Some fighting, some healing, some blowing shit up. Noobs and pro alike can rake in some serious xp playing this versatile role.


Use the assault or carbine you are best with!
Magnum or Rex
*Medic Bag or Medic Pack

3. Recon Snowmen

Arguably the best role to play correctly on this map, but if played right, you’ll be the hardest to kill.


Sniper Rifle (Or the highest zoom rifle you have)
Magnum or Rex
Motion Detector

Only play this role on a full Operation Locker map if you are capable of popping skulls. Not dying is going to depend on stealthy stalking and camping skills, try to not give away your position with numerous missed shots.

4. Superhero Support

Supplies to the rescue! If you’ve ever completely run out of bullets in a sea of health packs with not a single ammo box in sight, you probably already know that the support role can be just as important as the dedicated medic. Claymores, mortars, and C4 galore, the best offense is an explosive defense.


Use the best first gun you have depending on the current situation.
Magnum or Rex
C4 or Claymores or Mortar or Grenade Launcher! Read more below.
Ammo Box!

This is the class to pick if you know Operation Locker well and your team seems without a chance. Between your assortment of traps and mines the support class can really change the tide of the battle all on his/her own. Watch enemies cry as you mortar bomb them from halfway across the map, remember to hide in a strategic spot indoors so you can mortar strike outside while defending the bases inside.

II. STEP TWO: Know WHEN To Be Your Role


Start of the game your safest bet is to be a combat medic.

On every mode the first clash is usually in the center of the map. C in most modes, it’s unusually easy to camp and hold this flag then on the other Battlefield 4 maps. Be prepared to drop a medic bag or revive a dead teammate forgotten in the chaos. The first few moments are crucial on this map, every bit of HP you can give your team counts!

What role you should be next depends largely on who gets the middle conquest point first.

But whether your team captured C first or not, you could always go with the laziest, easiest route and just continue to be a dedicated combat medic. Revives bring in a crapload of points, (restoring 100% health gives 100 points, more if reviving a squad member…that’s as much points as a death!), not to mention you will receive the full adoration of your team, at worst…even if you’re the noobiest noob in noobsville…if you’re doing your job as medic right…nobody will care if your score kill/death tally is 20-2 or 2-20. If reaching rank 110 as fast as possible is your goal with BF4 this is also one of the ways to get there.

If your team doesn’t capture the middle point first :

At this point you need to rush, and rush hard. Front line assault is great, spam those LVG grenades but do not make the mistake most noobies do : after receiving a multi-kill (so you kill 2 or more enemies at once) do NOT wait around camping and hoping for another lucky shot, switch back to your rifle and RUSH IN THERE. If you have a smoke grenade this is the time to throw it, do not hesitate in the narrow doorway soldier, and you will have a higher chance of team support running in with you. This is how tides are turned.

Perhaps your team was lucky enough to capture the middle point first, if so don’t be afraid to use the momentum of that win to steal the next base ASAP.

You can really be any role you want in this case, depending on which is needed most. If you spot no medic bags but a lot of dead teammates, switch to medic. More likely you will see much less ammo bags, and could easily help your team while scoring some easy resupply points.

If the other team is camping so hard every rush is suicide…you feel your spawn point will be overrun any moment…there are really are only a few options :

  • Team Rush : You should have been rushing all along but perhaps your team will finally see logic if confronted with the fact that they’ve got nothing to lose, except the round of course. Everyone at once, the team never expects it, because nobody ever does it, and you probably won’t either…will you?
  • Camp and Snipe : The other team will hate you for it…hell, your team may hate you for it, but so what? You’re getting base-raped. Salvage the kills you can.
  • Solo Rush : If you’re bored with camping and want to stir up some hackusations just sneak through alone, remembering that most people don’t spot or turn around. If you keep running without looking back you will be surprised how often you can go unnoticed on this map. If you can get behind a group of enemies take a deep breath and spray, or throw C4s for an explosive surprise.

III. Bonus Tips…The Secret To Getting C First! (And Holding It!)

Plan A : From the start of the game, run to C from outside. Players rarely choose to reach the middle spawn point by going through this way in the beginning, and if you’re lucky enough to have anybody at all from your team follow you, it should be very easy to take down the enemies that reach outside of C at the same time as you. After eliminating any immediate threats run in and secure the staircase, quickly dropping a health bag while spotting enemies through the window, if done right there should be nobody in the staircase when you arrive…but there may be a ton of enemies downstairs. If noticed when spotting immediately run further down the stairs. Stay alive soldier, from this point if your squad has died off they can spawn on you and help further secure C.

If you don’t get the middle conquest point first, the round will be more difficult as it is very easy to camp and hold the center on Operation Locker, but don’t lose hope… Here’s the secret to stealing C if Plan A fails :

Plan B : The biggest mistake you can make is giving up prematurely and camping outside of the center point, the enemy team slowly and painfully draining your team of your precious tickets. Follow the tips below for ways to win using the age old equation : Skill > Luck

Don’t forget! Even if you DO NOT manage to get the middle point, it’s not GG yet! There’s always hope if you push hard enough. See YouTuber “Very Likely” push to the middle point in a losing game, against the odds, below :

IV. Operation Locker Pro Quickies

(Add to this glorious list by commenting with your tips and you will be credited by name!)

*The better you know the map the less it will feel like you are dying upon spawning.

*It helps to check out the squad cam in the lower left of the deploy screen before spawning on a team mate, if the message “Warning” is flashing on the mini screen its not a great idea to spawn there unless the enemy is visible and you think you have a very good shot at killing the threat(s).

*Cannot be stressed enough, do not stand in doorways, especially when anyone else behind you, not even for a moment.

*Oh yea, and never…EVER…stop and get the closest capture points(A and B, or E and D, depending on your team side) at the beginning of the round. There will always be enough noobs to handle that, go straight to the middle point, that’s where the enemy pros will be.

*If you manage to sneak into the bottom of the middle spawn point, quick attach as many C4 explosive bombs as possible to the wall of the middle tower and let her BLOW!

*Your enemies have to reload their weapons just like you, use that time to rush because your hesitation = their reload time.

*If you are captain of your squad, always always always “paint” a target for your squad to follow by pressing E on a objective to capture or defend, it’s free points for both of you after they follow your orders. Even non-captain marking/spotting an enemy will give you extra points if a member of your squad gets the kill. The squad upgrade perks gained by getting points with your squad are crucial for getting the extra edge on the enemy team, that goes for every Battlefield 4 map and mode. (added by @xogamergirliox)



If all else fails, follow these tips for the next round, be more aggressive, and don’t be a sore noobster…we promise the WHOLE team probably isn’t hacking!

=) Happy Hunting.

Written by Puff, a.k.a. Jean

A lifelong gamer, master healer, and freelance writer that’s currently making a home of Florida. Follow her on Twitter @PuffTheHealer for the occasional game related rant. Click here to find her articles on Zootgamer.

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