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Darkfall Unholy Wars : Review

For years players of MMORPGs have been divided into two categories :

A) those playing World of Warcraft or a WoW-like game because “every RPG has to look like WoW, they thought of everything already” and

B) those playing World of Warcraft or a WoW-like game but constantly thinking “I wish there was another RPG that looks this nice but is completely different from WoW!”

Now for option… C) play Darkfall Unholy Wars.

Unique, intuitive, yet complex Gameplay and GUI

A massive beautifully connected world (no loading for different zones!). Six races to choose from that will not limit your adventuring potential in any way, so pick what looks good to you.

Prowess is the main currency in the game (apart from gold of course). Skills, abilities, and anything else you can’t get with plain old gold is bought with Prowess. Prowess is obtained through most of the interactions you can imagine (killing, harvesting, completing feats, and much much more. you can think of it like a measure of your accomplishments/fame in Agnon).

Characters can use many different skills, some for harvesting, some for combat, etc. Sometimes using these skills will level them up, others are leveled up by using Prowess.

Activites that can be done for fame and fortune are called ‘feats’. There is a huge list of them, and unlocking them all is available to everyone. They can be as simple as harvesting a lot of cotton in a short amount of time, or killing a crazy monster boss.

Similar to real life, skills exist for everyone to specialize in.


Starting out is brutal.

While you do start out in a relatively safe area, there is nothing actually stopping you from just walking out of it the moment you create your character and dying an embarassing naked death.

The help is minimal, there are some easy ‘feats’ that can be done for prowess, and they mostly guide you towards showing you what to do before you make your way out of the starting protected safe zone. These are NOT annoying beginning quests that you are forced to complete, anyone can do any feat they want if they have unlocked it.


Realistic Consequences and Rewards

When you die, your loot can be taken. When you kill, you can take your victim’s loot.

After hopping off your mount in a protected zone you have two minutes to mount or despawn it, if you do not you lose ownership and it’s first come first steal.

Players can live in player housing if they find the appropriate materials.


Realistic Combat

First person shooter mixed with RPG are you kidding me? Yes aiming is actually required!

Spamming your memorized hotkeys are not possible in this game. The combination of fear of losing your gear mixed with FPS play style makes the combat unimaginable exciting and tense. There are NOT cute little names and hp bars hovering over players, so getting ambushed is a real concern. You can however hover over a player if you can see them, and see their name that way.


And Finally : All of this…and the game actually looks great!


Those that yearn for something new should give Darkfall Unholy Wars a shot.


Written by Puff, a.k.a. Jean

A lifelong gamer, master healer, and freelance writer that’s currently making a home of Florida. Follow her on Twitter @PuffTheHealer for the occasional game related rant. Click here to find her articles on Zootgamer.

  • MarcGrimm

    I have heard some many good reviews about this game! Everyone loves Darkfall Unholy Wars, I definitely need to play this game! Thank you for the newbie tips, I definitely would of died an embarrassing naked death or lost my mount

  • AngryAnderson

    I really enjoy playing this game with my partner. It is great relationship building material.
    I would enjoy a quick tips guide for this game as well.