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Diablo 3 – 1.0.8 The Patch To Bring Back Multiplayer

Wyatt Cheng, senior technical game designer for Diablo III has announced some exciting new improvements for Diablo’s multiplayer experience. Read the complete blog post from Blizzard’s Cheng here. Below we have included a run down of all the new additions coming in patch 1.0.8 and why this is the patch Diablo III players have been waiting for.

Get Archon Kills For Assisted Kills Near You


  • For Wizards, kills are necessary to prolong your Archon mode as long as possible. For this reason many wizards believe it more efficient to play solo. In patch 1.0.8 Archon mode will be prolonged by just being near a monster when it dies.
  • This will benefit everyone immensely.


Combat Alerts For Elites and Treasure Goblins


  • A culture has developed, where it is now the norm to say ‘e’ in chat so that your teammates know an elite pack has been encountered. When damage is first made to an Elite pack or Treasure Goblin by a member of the group, the entire team will now be notified.
  • A “combat” icon will also appear the mini-map to help players find the monsters in question.
  • When a player is engaged with an Elite pack or Treasure Goblin a new combat icon will also appear over the banner in town


View Players Near You (Or Just The Ones Stealing Your Internet)


  • New “Players Near You” option in the social menu will open a window showing everyone logged into Diablo III from your local network (LAN). Cheng thinks this will benefit multiplayer for those used to playing solo, reasoning that “This feature is great if you’re playing while at a university dorm or frequent Internet cafes, and will help you easily connect with other local players.”


Private Chat With Friends Without Creating Channels


  • Chat with up to 99 friends, no longer having to create a custom channel in the process.


Identify All Items In One Shot


  • The new ‘Identify All’ option is sure to improve multiplayer efficiency. The main reasons a player has to seperate from the group and return to town is to identify items, and repair. We doubt repairing is going anywhere any time soon.


Tags For More Targeted Matchmaking


  • Public Games will now have “matchmaking tags” to select when searching for other players to join. Cheng believes the change in matchmaking will be a simple transition, “The way this new system will work is pretty simple: in addition to selecting a difficulty, quest, and MP level, you can also select a tag that will identify what kind of gameplay you’re looking for from a Public Game. The tags going onto PTR are Questing, Full Act Clear, Keywarden, and PvP. Selecting one will tell the matchmaking server to place you in a group with other players who have selected the same tag as you.”
  • This will probably be one of the best changes for players that actually play with random people online. No more awkward dropping out over differences in farming goals (ok, there will always be dropping out, but not as much!)

Monster Muliplayer Health Bonus Nerf


  • The extra health every monster enjoys with each additional player is being lowered from 70% to 50%.
  • Two players in game = Monsters have 150% health (used to be 170)
  • Three players in game = Monsters have 200% health (used to be 230)
  • Four players in game = Monsters have 250% as much health (used to be 320)


Just For Multiplayer Bonuses


  • As if all of these changes weren’t enough to make you want to jump on Diablo and find a new friend, there’s THE ULTIMATE BONUS : + 10% XP for each extra player in the game for a max of +30% experience in a 4 player game.

To clarify on the effects of this bonus with Monster Power level bonus xp, Cheng discusses the details of the multiplayer bonus in his Blizzard post :

“This bonus will be multiplicative with MP bonuses. For example: suppose you are playing on MP10 with an XP bonus in Inferno of 510%. This means a monster is worth 610% of its normal XP (510% more). If you are playing in a 4-player game the monster will be worth 793% as much XP as normal. On top of this, you will also earn a flat 10% Gold Find and 10% Magic Find for each additional player in the game, and this bonus can exceed the 300% Gold Find and Magic Find caps.” – Wyatt Cheng

It seems Diablo III has been listening to their fans, this patch is sure to be the most useful one yet.

Written by Puff, a.k.a. Jean

A lifelong gamer, master healer, and freelance writer that’s currently making a home of Florida. Follow her on Twitter @PuffTheHealer for the occasional game related rant. Click here to find her articles on Zootgamer.

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