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15 Brilliant Free Online Games You Should Be Playing

With the next generation of gaming on the way (kicked off by the WiiU back in late 2012) you may want to

save your money up for the console of your choice, be it a PS4, Xbox 720, or Nintendo’s effort. Whichever

you go for it will damage your bank account, which isn’t exactly good news in a recession stricken world. 

There is one way around this, as luckily there’s a huge selection of free online games you can lay your hands

on. So, for your game playing pleasure, here are fifteen of the very best online gaming experiences. All you

need is your PC or laptop and a working internet connection.

(Click the game’s title for a link to the game. Click screenshots to zoom in.)

To get things started we have a game set in what could probably be called the golden age of tanks (circa
the 1940s and World War II), World of Tanks sees you trundling around the realistic environments picking
off adversaries.

If you get hooked, you can pay real money for upgrades, but even at entry level it’s hugely
playable. It also looks stunning, which is always a bonus when matched with great, stealthy gameplay.

During the 1990s first person shooters got a big kick in a new direction by gems such as Quake, Goldeneye,
and Half Life. Halo, Metroid Prime, and Call of Duty have since pushed things even further, but the name
Black Mesa will ring bells for Half Life lovers as this free online version is a modernised take on the classic,
rebuilt for online play.

Hurrah? Huzzah!

A precursor to World of Warcraft, the traditional RPG elements will be familiar to many online gamers. You
have to guide your character around three worlds, slaying beasts and building experience.

 Being Java-based, Runescape remains fully playable in a browser with no download required, meaning you can log in and play it
wherever you are. It’s also free, and pretty good fun, too!

4. Travian

Another browser-based game, Travian is as much a test of staying power as skill as a single game can last 9
months, or 3 months on faster servers, all running 24/7. You can play Romans, Gauls or Teutons (each with
individual strengths and weaknesses), and you join alliances, gather resources, build armies and raid enemies’
villages. You don’t see any action; all battles are basically mathematical calculations, but don’t let that put
you off. It’s part wargame, part poker, and has 5 million players on hundreds of servers. Just don’t ever go to sleep.

Immerse your elf in Middle Earth and take part in this epic game of quests, magic and conflict.

You probably
already know the story on which it’s based, and this alone has guaranteed the online game a loyal and
committed following, but the popularity is down to much more than that. Although the kernel of the game is
free, buying extra adventures enhances the enjoyment – and helps pay for its upkeep, of course.

If this is the way free online multiplayer battling is heading, it’s going to be an amazing decade.

Planetside 2 lets you take control of vehicles, form battle groups and launch attacks on enemy bases, all in unbelievable detail. Stick your headset on and enjoy this one as it’s arguably the best game on this list.

7. Hawken

Carrying on the tradition of robot-on-robot gaming action, Hawken is a thoroughly action-packed addition in
what can be a rather technical genre.

It’s free to start playing, but benefiting from paid upgrades, there’s a real
buzz about the game as players become immersed in the experience.

The Age of Empires franchise has been with us since 1997, going through several incarnations and periods
until the 2011 release of this exclusively online version. Based in the era of Greek and Persian prominence,
it opts for cartoony graphics but gameplay hasn’t changed much; it’s still a case of assigning villagers to
resource-gathering so that cities and armies can be built, all in the aid of dominating the map. Great fun for
strategy fans.

Another massive franchise, this free online experience lets you light-sabre your way into the universe
responsible for sparking imaginations since 1977. As is common with some “free” games, paying cash opens
up new elements, but for gratis fantasy-fulfilment, this is the game you’re looking for.

Some people like their racing games technical, with wing angles, ride heights and tyre pressures eking out millisecond advantages. Other like to race thousands of identically-specced cars on crazy, user-created tracks over jumps and round loops and walls, driven by fun-loving players from around the world.

If you’re in the latter category this racer is for you as it’s quite daft, but great fun.

Another game with a ready-made army of fanatics to boost its player count, BGO is based on the popular sci-
fi TV series of the 70s and beyond. It owes a lot to the classic Elite and its spawn Eve Online, but the name
Battlestar Galactica will seal with deal for many.

And it’s actually rather good.

12. Minecraft

With a decidedly retro feel to it, Minecraft is stripped-down gaming at its most addictive.

Course around the environment gathering resources, fighting enemies and creating structures, all for reasons best known to and understood by you. Physics aside, it’s practically law-free, and perhaps this is why it has proved such an incredibly popular cross-platform smash hit.

Retro isn’t always contrived. Marathon Trilogy is a genuinely elderly game that plays like a dream today.

 You might have heard of its developers, Bungie – they were involved in a little-known game called Halo after they were poached by Microsoft. This free shooter reminds us of why they were so enthusiastically kidnapped.

This sci-fi shooter is violent, wild, graphically stunning, fun, furious, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Tribes: Ascend is also, of course, free, so there’s no need to not give this a go.

Space fighter games often have a majesty and beauty to them thanks to a demanding hardcore market, but this
labour of love possibly tops them all.

Pick up your story and follow it through a lifetime of battles in a wealth
of solar systems against desperate foe. 

It’s a completely free standalone title from the Wing Commander stable, so don your helmet and make your way to your nearest launch pad today.


About The Author :

Alex Morris is a writer for an ink and toner cartridges firm in
Manchester, England, where he keeps an eye on HP supplies.
He’s been playing games for 20 years, beginning with the NES back in the late ‘80s. He’s somewhat loyal to
Nintendo’s hardware, and encourages innovation and creativity in the industry.


  • IT_Girl

    I love love love Star Wars: The Old Republic & Lord of the Rings Online. I love some of the cheats you can get for Age of Empires Online, the car cheat is my favorite. It is so funny.

  • nikki

    Great choice and also great games.I play Black Mesa Source.A good game for action lovers

  • nikki

    I think I am the only girl here who likes action games.World of Tanks is my favourite one.

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