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Top Three Powerful Processors for High-End Gaming Computers

The one advantage that desktops still have over laptops and other mobile devices is power. Desktops can accommodate bigger and faster processors, feature more storage, and have a ton more potential than laptops and tablets. Because of this, gamers who are looking to build a high-end gaming computer really only have one choice… they have to go with a desktop.

If you’re building a high-end gaming computer you will need to research and choose components that are both powerful and of a high quality. This is especially true when you’re picking out your computer’s processor.

Your processor is going to have a huge role in your gaming experience and its effect on the quality of your system will reach far beyond what it directly delivers to the performance you receive. Not only will a quality processor improve your performance in-game, but it will also allow you to choose other compatible high-quality components to go in your system. And, if you can choose quality components all across the board, your computer will last longer and perform better.

In this post, I will take a look at three processors that are excellent options for anyone looking to build a high-end gaming computer. These processors have been thoroughly evaluated and if you’re looking for the best, these processors will deliver.

Intel Core i5-3570K

If you’re looking for the best performance for the price, no processor may be as better suited to deliver than the i5-3570k. At about $220 this processor has more than enough power to produce the optimal gaming experience. It has four cores, it can be overclocked, and its award-winning Ivy Bridge architecture makes it one of the most efficient processors on the market.

If you don’t have an unlimited budget, but you have a good chunk of change to spend, and you want a high-quality processor, then there is no processor better suited for your needs than the i5-3570K. And, technically, since most modern games have yet to start effectively accommodating hyperthreading technology and four or more processing cores, the i5-3570K still performs just as well as the more expensive processors on the market while gaming. So, as long as you aren’t also doing a bunch of video/image editing or 3D graphics design on the side, this processor will be more than enough for your gaming computer.

Intel Core i7-3770K

A few years ago Intel released their hyperthreading technology. Basically what hyperthreading does is allow the processor to multitask. Unfortunately, the new technology has yet to be fully incorporated in gaming by game developers. However, that will change over the next couple of years, and when it does we will see some pretty cool advances in the gaming.

The Intel Core i7-3770k comes in at about $320 and like the i5-3570k is an extremely powerful and efficient processor. In fact, the i7-3770k and the i5-3570k are pretty much identical processors in terms of gaming performance. However, this is only due to the fact that most games don’t utilize hyperthreading. For tasks that do benefit from hyperthreading (like image/video editing), the i7-3770k, which has eight threads (the i5-3570k only has four threads), performs much better than the i5-3570k.

So, there are two main reasons why you might want to consider getting the i7-3770k over the i5-3570k. The first reason why you would choose the more expensive i7-3770k over the i5-3570k is that, aside from gaming, you also do a lot of work editing videos or images, or any other work that benefits from hyperthreading. The second reason why you would pick the i7-3770k is if you’re planning on keeping your computer for a long time and you want to prepare for the future, because eventually hyperthreading will be introduced to gaming.

Intel Core i7-3930K

The Intel Core i7-3930k is basically a more powerful version of the i7-3770k. At $570 the i7-3930k features six cores and twelve threads. And, while it may not be one of the most affordable processors out there, it is definitely one of the most powerful.

So, if you’re looking to build an extreme system and you have an unlimited budget, then the Intel Core i7-3930k is CPU you want to choose.

Choosing a Quality Processor Will Have a Long-Term Impact on Your Gaming Experience

If you’re building your own gaming computer, or upgrading your current computer’s processor, it’s important to remember that the CPU you choose now will have a huge effect on your gaming experience over the long run. If you choose a multi-threaded processor now, you will have to pay more, but you will also be better able to accommodate the games of tomorrow.

So, make sure that you take your time choosing a CPU for your gaming computer because it is one of the most important decisions you will make when selecting components for your system.

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Brent is a computer enthusiast and avid gamer. He runs Elite Gaming Computers, a blog dedicated to helping other gamers build their own gaming computers. If you need help choosing components (like your processor) for your build, stop by EGC for more assistance.

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