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Top Nine Sims 3 Mods For An Ultra Realistic Body

Are you attempting to make your Sims look as close to real life natural human beings as possible?


Many Sims 3 players value custom content that adds true natural realism to their Sim’s body. To save you time we have included only the best mod for each category (eye iris, body shapes, eyebrows, skin, body hair, facial/body/pubic hair etc etc)  For those looking exclusively for a few realistic skins please check out our handpicked realism skins in The Best Realistic Sims 3 Skins . This is a guide intended for mature adults, those repelled and/or offended by nude Sims and adult situations should re-consider reading on. Ultra realistic body mods and skins will be showcased with equal attention to both female and male custom content. This guide is a sequel to our popular Ten Best Essential Sims 3 Mods (Nraas Edition) and  Best Sims Mods For The Picky Player (which contains among many other mods, realism mods for rules in the game regarding age, family, and the romantic (and sometimes taboo) relationships within those categories.) , ZootGamer has listened to the requests of our readers and created this list with the latest body related mods for the fans of true Sims 3 realism.

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Click the title of the mod above it’s picture to be taken straight to the download page, click on a picture to see it enlarged.


1. Realistic Hyper Detailed Eyes


Elexis has produced the most realistic eye irises ever seen on a Sim. The iris is much smaller and more detailed than the original EA cartoon eyes, producing a gorgeous custom eye. The eyes are categorized as contacts, they will not replace the default eyes, but instead be placed over the original eye as an accessory. This has many benefits, including the fact that your Sim will not be ruined if you decide to remove this mod at any time.

2. The Most Unique and Useful Chest Slider


Slider Lowered, Slider Raised

While there has been many ‘endowment enlarging’ mods for both Sim males and females, Nanosim’s mod is able to adjust the height of your female Sim’s endowments. This is a very unique and useful mod with truly realistic effects on the body shape of your Sims. Sliding down the slider can produce a very realistic saggy chest, sliding it up can add perkiness. The creator of the mod suggests that you try sliding it way left, stating “My Favourite position is to dragging the slider completely to the left, because I think that the breasts (especially if they are very large) then looks more round and in my opinion better.”


3. Natural Looking Feminine Eyebrows

Thin, groomed, yet natural looking eyebrows. As many of you may be aware, the default eyebrows included in the game are rather clunky and terrible. Elexis has done it again, the creator of this mod describes the shape of the brows as “perfect for cute Sims as the thin shape gives more emotional look to the face”…how cute 🙂


4. Under Arm Man Fur


Created by content creator Moxiemason, this mod allows your Sim men to add some realistic hairiness to their under arms. Admittedly, the extreme up close shots of the hair is not the highest quality, but unless your Sim’s camera is an inch from that stank armpit the smudginess of the under arm hair is not noticeable. Considering that this the first creator to finally think of your Sim’s hairless armpits, the mod is a great addition.


5. Finally, Real Stubble For Male Sims


As said by the 17 year old creator of this fantastic mod Qbuilderz, “WTF, SIMS. Why are you so RUGGED!?”. The Sims 3 Create-A-Sim comes equipped with a single default stubble/five o clock shadow type of facial hair, this is not nearly enough as every male Sim will either have this default stubble or a possibly obnoxious beard. (Although beards are awesome in their own right of course.)  The stubble included will cause the average Sims player abandon all default facial hairs for the super realistic options included in this mod.


6. Pregnant Body For Teens Thru Elder


Teens, adults, and elders get pregnant. This is a fact of life. Thanks to Melodie9 your Sims can too. Just to be clear this is NOT the hack to allow your teens and elders pregnant, only the actual body shape for them once you have the hack. Obtain the teen/elder pregnancy hack from our Nraas guide to mods. As for these body meshes, without this mod your teen will be a walking head with no body as soon she becomes pregnant. No other mod that replaces the body shapes for your Sims should be enabled at the same time as this one.


7. You Can Practically See The Pores On This Skin





New default skin by teru_k. Exquisite detail on the clavicles, facial features, and torso area for the male and females. While many custom skins created do not work with the muscle sliders in game, this one actually does and adjusting the muscle tone actually looks great, which is a plus. Should work well for LESS muscular Sims as well as fit ones. There has been debate within the Sims community as to whether popular skin creator Lemon Leaf has been stealing teru_k’s creations, teru_k has addressed this issue and posted the link to the comparison evidence found here : (Consider the evidence for yourself and decide, custom content takes a lot of work to make and ZootGamer support all original game creators and their property, intellectual or otherwise.)

8. Pubes For Your Sim Man


More screenshots of this mod at the link above.

There are other pubic hair mods out there, but this one is the only one to actually include the hair along the bottom of the shaft of the Sim’s wang, just like a real one! Moxiemason is clearly an expert in Sims body hair art, the addition of hair on the actual shaft is much more realistic, the difference between your Sim seeming like he has a flash colored peeled banana under his naval, or looking like a real manly man. This is meant to be used with the hair on your Sim’s groin from Cmar’s hair mods. For the actual genital mod see the final mod below.

9. Real Man Junk


How much of a description is necessary for this final mod? Cmar the great has recently updated his popular mod for male Sims. Included is the shown different stages for all points of excitement. Uncut or cut, color, size, most of the properties you can think of is editable in CAS, and an option to randomize the entire town’s endowments as well 😉 . Please follow the instructions provided by the creator at the download link carefully to ensure this mod will work in your game perfectly.

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